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Ah, i tried to join the messageboard a few days ago but it was offline... And i was freaking ill last week, that's why i didnt join... and oh yea, i bought a gamecube too so i kinda wasted the last three days playing it. so sweet though. Tony hawk's pro skater 4 rocks so much ass... ok, i'll stop now, before i start to sound like a geek. So yea... Ren. Ah, I dunno where he is. Probably shooting a new porn movie in sweden. ha

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Thom and Ren?

I do not know who they are....

They're gay?

or is either one a girl? Ren or Thom?


haha Uhh... probably you dont know who i am cos you only have 110 posts? And oh yea, i bet there are tons of girls named Thomas or Renato. Anyways nah, i'm not gay, and i'm pretty sure that ren isnt gay too.

Thom and Ren = Straight

The Darkness = gay

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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Omg that's hilarious! Thom you're so funny... :lol:

Actually two of my girl friends are called Thomas and Renato. :cool: Yea, cos 'Renato' is a popular name round here, for a girl or a boy. :dozey: :D :P :P :P

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:D haha

Really? that's cool. There are tons of Renatos here. There's even a tv show called "hermes & Renato". Its so hilarious, it always makes me laugh.

And ah, I luv how I left the boards for a week and now there are posts like "is Thom gay? :stunned:". Looks like I missed something while i was away, eh? hah

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