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Live 2012 Reprises by Jon Hopkins


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I didn't see any topic on the MX reprises by Jon Hopkins that we can hear during the Live 2012 DVD. They are really wonderful and capture the essence of the Mylo Xyloto era, which is their most magical and the one I fell in love with. I share with you some of the tracks.





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Due to the rather recent restructure of the forum, another vital post has been lost to the sands of time.

Quite recently I went through hours of figuring out how to dump the reprises in lossless form and trying to remove in a aa-cclos-tt-lossless manner all sound effects that may be mixed with these music pieces and make them stand on their own. Also this time everything was done in stereo and not mono.

The results can be found here:


There are some interesting facts that need to be discussed.

Like notice how Up With The Birds is not having the piano parts but instead an string ensemble part in it's place. Sounds like it's an element of an earlier demo version of the track.

Life Through The Veins/Escapist is not matching any of the released versions, it's like some kind of demo or atleast Jon Hopkins did a more stripped down version for that part.

I still find rather hard to believe that Major Minus Reprise (aka Aiko) is actually a score piece of the actual track. I'm infront of a piano and I find it rather a very long stretch to see how this is a direct score piece. Sounds to me more like a very early relative to the track that ended up becoming Major Minus after several generations of change.

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5 hours ago, nowayme said:

Due to the rather recent restructure of the forum, another vital post has been lost to the sands of time.


Link is down, i'm really interested on listening to what you've done:)

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2 hours ago, coldplay12 said:

Nice work, a bit diffirents from those we uploaded on our Youtube channel

Thanx alot! I tried to leave them as much as I could untouched with just as minimal "intervention" so they can be as close true to their original uneditied versions.
BTW, these things should be shared so if you feel like uploading them, feel free to.
Now, I'm pretty sure that they will get a massive copyright strike judging on how they are registered on Universal's catalog.

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