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Tony Manfredonia

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Hi everybody!

My name is Tony Manfredonia, and I’ve been a huge Coldplay fan since their origins. Their albums have basically been the soundtrack to my life since I was in 1st grade. Been a Coldplaying-lurker but never made an account on here ?

When my mom started teaching me music (she taught me piano/vocal/organ), I spent many moons covering too many Coldplay songs among other artists. When I was 16, my girlfriend at the time thought I should try writing music. Did it once, and fell in love with it.

This all inspired me to go to school for music, graduating with a degree in music composition. And while now my career is in composing video game soundtracks and classical music, I’m still a singer/songwriter at heart, releasing music in that style occasionally.

As a Coldplay fan, I think Viva La Vida or X&Y are my favorite albums, though Mylo Xyloto, Ghost Stories, or Parachutes are a close second. Honestly, I love them all, so it’s tough to say which is my favorite hahah!

Thank you for this amazing forum. I’m so excited to finally be a part of it and get to know all of you! Cheers, and happy Coldplaying ?

P.S. - You’re welcome to check out my work at my website and/or my socials (linked below)! Later this month, I’ll be doing my first “official / released” Coldplay cover, so stay tuned for that!





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