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Favorite 2nd Track On A Coldplay Album Ranked


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I wanted to create this topic as a way to hear your favorite 2nd tracks on a Coldplay album ranked! Here are mine to start (I'm not including Higher Power just because we don't know how it fits into the album yet)


1. In My Place

2. Magic

3. Church

3. Cemeteries of London 

4. Hurts Like Heaven 

5. Birds

6. What if 

7. Shiver

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  • Magic123 changed the title to Favorite 2nd Track On A Coldplay Album Ranked

For me, at the moment:

1) Cemeteries of London

2) Magic (I was about to put this one first, but it's still very close to the top)

3) In My Place

4) What If

5) Birds / Hurts Like Heaven (Still close to the top, though!)

6) Shiver

I still have to buy Everyday Life and I have not heard the album yet, so I can't include Church.

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1. Shiver
2. Birds
3. Church
4. In My Place
5. Hurts Like Heaven
6. Magic
7. What If
8. Cemeteries of London

If OP's rule applies, then Paradise would go to the bottom of my list without skipping a beat. The rest can stay the same.

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Spies | In My Place | What If | Cemeteries of London | Hurts Like Heaven | Magic | Birds | Church | Humankind

--- ---

The top-billing the 1 slot is my favorite, just to be clear

1. Birds

2. Church

3. Humankind

4. Cemeteries of London

5. In My Place

6. Hurts Like Heaven

7. Spies

8. What If

9. Magic

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