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Star Wars vs. LOTR


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Guest LiquidSky

Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

Star Wars

33% [ 2 ]

Lord of the Rings

66% [ 4 ]

I hate or like both equally

0% [ 0 ]


Total Votes : 6


well lotr is winning!!!

yes I have to say LOTR, Star Wars sucks.. :rolleyes: I love lotr better ;) :D :P

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Man, no contest here. I luv both series, but star wars kicks lotr's ass.


Skywalker vs Baggins

winner: skywalker


Death Star Vs Gay volcano

winner: Death Star


X-wings and tie fighters Vs. Gay horses

winner: x-wings and tie fighters


Stuff that you can buy:

Lotr: Boring books

SW: cool action figures and videogames


i'd rather see a lightsaber fight then a sword fight


haha great point

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