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Anybody want to move to london with me ? (seriously)


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i'm going to be moving to London probably in the next 3 to 6 months to live, and was wondering if anyone was, or knew anyone that was moving there. the place i want to live is a place called Ealing...or anywhere near there would be good enough.

Or failing that, does anyone know anybody that is looking for someone to live with them? i'm a nice person :lol: ;) ........i really am :)

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cool that you asked! :cool: :nice:


it's a song from the band Enigma, from their album "La Roi Est Mort, Vive La Roi"


and i love it! i associate memories of good times with it...actually that whole album is wonderful! it's got mystical lyrics, sorta like what some Coldplay songs have. :cool:

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