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Anybody want to move to london with me ? (seriously)


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that's all fine and dandy, lol, but was anyone serious about moving to London.? Also..i'm not crazy Gas Man, lol, i'm just a normal person...good habbits, and i'm going down to be with my band, but, the house is already full, so i got to find somewhere else near them. i'm 100% serious about our band and that we'll do well, but, i just have to live there first. :)

I Thought the coldplay message board would be a good place to find slightly normal and good people. :P

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So, do you take people to your nice place, show em what a nice guy you are what the hell give them tea and biscuits, wait for them to sleep by the cosy fire, AND THEN THROW GAS ALL OVER THEM AND BURRRNN BURRN AHAHAHAHAHA


I know youre type Gas-Man. Im watchin and my eyes are wiiiide open :angry:

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hyperventilation :idea2: :stunned:

i have to ask it to my doctor in my psychatric hospital..

..remember that i'm living there..

léa: erm is it possible to go to Guilford? :idea2: :bucktooth: i'm feeling better now :dozey:

doctor: is there doctor for you there?

léa: i don't know :embarrased: ...but it's not the problem :P ..and i'm not crazy

Doctor: all the crazy ppl says that :dozey:

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I've planned to move to England since years ago... and if a work project I'm waiting for won't be ready soon I'm thinking seriously to move there these summer.

Maybe London, maybe Manchester... :smug:

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