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Looking for buddies to try to get to the front row at the Amsterdam concert


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Hi everyone,

I have this bucket list thing where I would love to be all the way in the front at a Coldplay concert at least once in my life. I never have trouble finding friends or family who like to go with me to Coldplay concerts but I can't get any of them crazy enough to wait all day long in front of the stadium ;).

I was wondering if there are other people that have the same ambitions as me and that want to go the the newly announced Coldplay concerts in Amsterdam on the 15th and the 16th of July. I thought it could be fun if we can form a group to be at the stadium early and try to get to the front. Or maybe there is an already existing group that I could join? I understood tickets are on sale Thursday morning.

Let me know, I'm in for all ideas!

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