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Theeeeeee Shining


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My worst nightmare was when I was stuck in some weird dark house..and i was sleeping in the attic and then I woke up and i heard footsteps coming to where I was...and then some weird witch woman (who looked like Angelica Huston) came into the room and started chasing after me..but i couldn't move b/c i was tangled in my blanket....it terrified the SHIT out of me.... :? :sad:

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i got the Stephen King book from the library yesterday... i hear its scarier than the film :? but ill give it a go anyway!! :D

has anyone else read it?

i havent, i think i would be more scared than any movie... my friends mother read american psyco and she was so scared that she HAD to read it all the way through the night. if not, she wouldnt sleep. strange :shock:

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:P Well, I must say that, although The SHining was a great film-the book was so much more frightening and interesting...yes, the tub lady scares me too,lol...and I'm sorry-THe Blair Witch Project??! I almost fell asleep in the theatre! I respect the nouveau idea of filmming with camcorders to add thrills (and churning stomaches, dizzyness) as well as the fact that they used no name actors*clap,clap*...all things considering, I thougth it was overrated-the ending with the boy in the corner was a nice touch, but it just didn't do anything for me other than that....[/img]

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welcome to the board royal ivy:D


i cant believe the blair witch didnt scare ya!! u must be strong lol



ive heard from various people that the book is scarier...im scared to read on now! im at chapter 5... must...keep...going! :D

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hehe-thanks for the welcome, and yea, I thought that The Blair Witch was going to be scary-especially since it got rave reviews, but....*sigh* it wasn't so in my case,lol-but thats ok, I can see how it could have been frightening....

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