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Theeeeeee Shining


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:o :shrug: The mini series had that actor in it...what's his name..something Weber... :-o :D


i saw the 1st episode of the mini series Laura...i have to say...the actors are RUBBISH :shock: :o

how they ever got to act in a mini-series of one of the most excellent films is beyond me! If I didn't like the film so much I wouldn't have watched this! hehehe


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okay assuming this thread stayed on topic.....even if it didnt.....i didnt really like this movie......well i dunno i only saw it twice and it was toooo long but i think ill see it again for this reason.....when chris introduced the band to jack nicholson at an after party for one of their shows he said this smooth line....."Im chris this is will and guy and HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE'S JONNNNNNNY haha i love that line!

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