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Hmmm... i dont understand..


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Yeah...alot of my mates smoke and I don't, doesn't make any difference to me though. They're still great people!


Anyway Guy said in the Q interview of 2002 that he much prefers Chris sober than drunk:


"Chris brings quite enough excitement into our lives without alcohol being involved..."

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Guest LiquidSky

You drink?! :o


Bad girl! :sneaky: :P


yeah, my brothers smoke and drink... :rolleyes: just because they smoke and drink and I don't doesn't mean they are not my brothers anymore... :lol: that actually sounds funny! :lol: :D :embarrased:

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I think they all get together and have massive orgy's to convey their love for one another :stunned:


:stunned: :stunned: :stunned:


And i think Chris and Jonny decided to keep going lol :lol:













































:lol: :lol: :o

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