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Songs you want played at your wedding

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yes, a bit sappy, and yes, a bit stupid, but it could be fun. :P


here are mine:


The Beatles - "I Will"

The Beach Boys - "God Only Knows"

The Chords - "Sh'Boom"

The Righteous Brothers - "Unchained Melody"

The Flamingos - "I Only Have Eyes For You"

Badly Drawn Boy - "You Were Right"

Ben Folds - "The Luckiest"

The Beach Boys - "And Their Hearts Were Full of Spring"


that'll do for now.

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The Beatles - "I Will"

The Beach Boys - "God Only Knows"


You stole that from my friend! I want to play those at my wedding. Oh, and "The Luckiest" because that song is sooo sweet.


"Unchained Melody" was my parent's wedding song. :blush:

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This is a very personal thread, but a good and intresting one.....


These would be for thoses Dances


*The Stone Roses Sally Cinimon

*Ian Brown Northern Lights

*Coldplay Green Eyes

*R Kelly and P Diddy Satisfy you

*Queen Love of my Life

*Coldplay Yellow

*Coldplay High Speed

*Coldplay (cover version) What a wonderful world this would be have to be a deffo

*Oasis Wonderwall

*Oasis Champane Supernova

*David Gray Be Mine

*Ian Brown A spanish tune I can not spell, but those who have heard it will know what I mean.

*Micheal Jackson I can't stop loving you.

*Bob marley feauturing Lauren Hill Turn you lights down Low


Then I would leave the rest of the wedding the DJ and the people as long as they don't play any of the Darkness.....


I would also send a personal Invite to Chris Martin and his mates, and if if he comes I would not tell the press. but I would invite the true people on Coldplaying.com :P

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Wooow, interesting thread!!

I should think deeply about that but I'm thinking now in:


David Gray - This year's love

Macy Gray - Sweet baby ('cos I'm listening it now and it's a nice song)

Bobby Darin - Somewhere beyond the sea


Can't think more... but last weekend I was in my friend's wedding and for their first dance together they played 'Everything I do' by Bryan Adams and me and my friends started to cry like a child :stunned:

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I would want to hear "The Nearness of You", the one performed by Norah Jones. It's such beautiful song.


actually those two songs were on my list anyway.


I DJ'ed a wedding reception one time and played both of those songs, and even i was nearly in tears while i was trying to decide whether to play some sinatra or some madonna.




So what did you decide on? Sinatra or Madonna? :lol:

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Ah, interesting thread. you guys posted some pretty interesting lists.


Here's mine:


The Verve - Lucky man

Travis - Flowers In The Window

U2 - With Or Without You, sweetest thing

Radiohead - True Love Waits

Damien Rice - I remember

Oasis - Live forever, Champagne Supernova

The Strokes - Whatever Happened, Between Love And Hate

Blur - To The End

Coldplay - Life Is For living, Yellow, The Scientist


Radiohead - A Punchup At A Wedding (hah jk)

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Disturbed--Down With The Sickness

My Ruin--Made To Measure

Disturbed--Droppin Plates

Disturbed--Want--but only once we get to the hotel room :wink3: lol :D

hmmm.....cant think of the rest.....they're back there somwhere.....and btw at my wedding if i happen to find someone....i'm not wearin no dress!!! big cozy pants and a nice comfy t-shirt for me!! i dont need to wear a dress to show the day is special :D

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