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A live performance by Radiohead has been voted the greatest gig of all time.


The band's appearance at the 1997 Glastonbury festival was the surprise winner in a poll compiled by Q magazine.


It was voted ahead of the Beatles' final rooftop concert at Apple HQ.


The Sex Pistols legendary Screen on the Green gig in 1976 also failed to beat Radiohead, as did Oasis at Knebworth and any of the acts from Live Aid.


Radiohead's Saturday night set in front of 40,000 mud-drenched fans was described by festival organiser Michael Eavis as the most inspiring festival gig in 30 years.


The only Beatles show to make the top 20 was their impromptu free performance on the roof of Apple's Savile Row headquarters in 1969.


Their first live concert for three years, it was also the last time they would play together in public.


But it only made seventh in the list compiled by Q readers and contributors.


Nirvana's appearance at the Reading Festival in 1992, at the height of their fame, was voted into second place.


Third were Oasis, who played to more than 250,000 fans at Knebworth in August 1996.


The Oasis gigs set the record for Britain's biggest rock concerts, broken by Robbie Williams last year when he played to a total audience of 375,000 at the same venue last year. But Robbie's concerts do not make the top 20.


Coldplay's "triumphant" set at Weston Park, Staffordshire, for V2993 were fourth, ahead of Brian Wilson's recent gig at the Royal Festival Hall in which he performed his lost masterpiece Smile for the first time in 40 years.


The rest of the top 10 was made up of Madonna's Earls Court shows in 2001, her first in Britain for eight years; REM's appearance before Nelson Mandela at a free Trafalgar Square gig in 2001; Queen's memorable Live Aid performance in 1985; and Pink Floyd's spectacular Earls Court show in 1980.


Top 20:


The full list appears in the June issue of Q out on Saturday 1 May.


1 Radiohead, Glastonbury, 28 June 1997 - technical problems hid the 40,000-strong crowd from the band's view, and singer Thom Yorke could not hear his own voice. But to festival organiser Michael Eavis it was the most inspiring festival gig in 30 years.


2 Nirvana, Reading Festival, Berkshire, 30 August 1992 - Kurt Cobain in a wheelchair and blonde wig, the band's version of More Than A Feeling at the start of Smells Like Teen Spirit, and Cobain asking the crowd to chant their love for the hated Courtney Love.


4 Coldplay, V2003, Weston Park, Staffordshire, 17 August 2003 - Coldplay's last major appearance. Q calls it a triumphant, anthemic set. Singer Chris Martin referred to the gig as "the death of soft rock".


3 Oasis, Knebworth, 10-11 August 1996 - more than 250,000 fans attended Britain's biggest rock concerts to date for what some have since described as the crowning moment of Britpop.


5 Brian Wilson, Royal Festival Hall, 26 February 2004 - after a wait of 40 years Beach Boys fans got to hear Wilson's lost masterpiece Smile. Worth the wait.


6 Madonna, Earl's Court, 7 July 2001 - multiple costume changes and a dazzling array of hits proved Madonna was still the Queen of Pop after an eight-year absence. Some were prepared to fork out £150 on a souvenir jacket, despite spending £85 on tickets.


7 The Beatles, Apple HQ rooftop, Saville Row, 30 January 1969 - still regarded by some as the greatest live rock "stunt" of all time, the impromptu gig ended only when police pulled the plug. It was their first live concert for three years, and the image of John Lennon in Yoko Ono's fur coat only added to the band's iconic status.


8 REM, Trafalgar Square, 29 April 2001 - Nelson Mandela and Tony Blair joined 30,000 for the square's first ever rock concert. Overruns by other acts meant REM had time to play just seven songs.


9 Queen, Live Aid, Wembley Stadium, 13 July 1985 - Bob Geldof reputably enticed Freddie Mercury and the band to play Live Aid by saying to their manager: "Tell the old faggot it's gonna be the biggest thing that ever happened." It was.


10 Pink Floyd, Earl's Court, 4 August 1980 - indoor Spitfire fighter planes, a monstrous teacher puppet, giant inflatable pigs and 160ft cardboard wall that crashed down for a spectacular finale.


11 Sex Pistols - Screen on the Green, London (29 August 1976)

12 Stone Roses - Spike Island (27 May 1990)

13 U2 - Slane Castle (25 August 2001)

14 Eminem - MEN Arena, Manchester (8 February 2001)

15 Flaming Lips - Bristol Academy (18 January 2003)

16 Stereophonics - Earls Court (17 December 2003)

17 The Strokes - Heaven, London (28 June 2001)

18 Red Hot Chili Peppers - Camden Palais (14 June 1999)

19 The Libertines - The Forum, London (18 December 2003)

20 The Verve - Slane Castle (29 August 1998)

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4 Coldplay' date=' V2003, Weston Park, Staffordshire, 17 August 2003 - Coldplay's last major appearance. Q calls it a triumphant, anthemic set. Singer Chris Martin referred to the gig as "the death of soft rock".[/quote']



Oh my God, the fourth!!! And I was there, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!


*starts to cry*

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Awww...I really wanted to go but my mates didn't. But they want to go this year because NERD are there...I was like "BUT COLDPLAY AREN'T!!!!" :rolleyes: :P


Where you at the one where he fell off his chair during The Scientist?

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You should've gone with me last year!! I was so close to you!!

But I'm sure this year will be nice too!! Although I don't know who NERD are... :/


I can't remember about Chris falling off in 'The scientist' because I always cry listening that song and maybe I was crying like a baby... :dozey:

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Whoa, that's a GREAT list.


I downloaded the radiohead live at glastonbury 1997 and 2003 gigs, and even though both gigs were amazing, i think the 2003 performance was way better than the 1997 one. That's just my opinion though.


And oh, coldplay is 4th, eh? that's totally awesome, way to go boys! :cool:

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Guest LiquidSky
Yeah, it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! The best moment was hearing 'Shiver' while I was looking at the nice sky and feeling some raindrops in the face, aaaaaaaw... :smug:


*feels shivers*



awwwwwww :blush:



must have been a great feeling then! :nice:

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U2 Slane Castle 13th? :stunned:

that was an amazing gig so I was told. My mate Robbie went and he was talking about it for agessssssssss and the r.h.c.p's did support!!! :o


"20 The Verve - Slane Castle (29 August 1998)"


That was my best friends first ever concert! :stunned: :P :rolleyes:

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:lol: I'm alot worse so don't worry!

geog aint my strong point at all...well knowledge aint my strong point full stop.<<<<<<oh look that was one :idea2: weeeeeeeeeeeeeee :dizzy2: (don't mind me I've had skittles! :dizzy2:)

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