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it's always better on holiday

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yeah its a franz ferdinand song


people on this board make up wierd shit and other people always respond

it's politics is what it is...


man, thats so true.

And oh, i'll try some franz ferdinand songs. what are your top 3 favourites?


i wish i was in college

high school is THE gayest

i do well in school but the social aspect is ridiculous


man, i know. high school was hell for me.

All the chicks are so snob, they think they can get any guy they want

and all the guys are smartasses


Uni is soo much better though.

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yeah tru dat fo' shizzle my nizzle

ha how gay was that...

anyway if you want some franz songs download:take me out, dark of the matinee, 40'



thanks man, i'll download em tomorrow.

And oh, offtopic but i'm kinda getting into sublime. I bought this tony hawk game and it came with a sublime song called seed, and it was so awesome.

Then i downloaded 6 or 7 songs and they were amazing, i'll see if i can download or buy one of theur albums if they're cheap.


they kinda sound like the strokes but not as cool in my opnion


Probably cos no band is cooler than the strokes :idea2:

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Cool, thanks for the info man

I'll probably download em, cos they dont even sell the sublime cds here.

I was checking some online stores and i didnt find any albums. Thats how much our country sucks.


On a brighter note my radiohead - the bends album should be arriving tomorrow. I bought it for US$7.

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