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Ghost Town. A Motorcyle Ride through Chernobyl


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Yeah, I do too. The closest to anything like that that we've got here in this hemisphere is Three Mile Island (which I guess is only a couple hours away from here, but I don't think they let anybody out there), and that wasn't even close to being that catostrophic.


I've always found nuclear technology to be really fascinating, like it's something that mankind should never have been able to utilize.

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i suppose it has the same fascination as abandoned towns around here. i dunno, i guess i'm weird, but just visiting a place like that, where so many people lost their lives, or had to form completely new ones one day, it just fascinates me.


plus the whole irony thing. the fact that humans could do that from their own technology.

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Standing on the roof of the highest building in this empty town brings a feeling of being completely alone in the world - like this whole town is.



this is so powerful, and anyone who disagrees with me will get a swift kick to the ass.

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I find it very interesting how everything seems to have a different tolerance for radiation. As they say on the first page of that site, it takes 2 1/2 times as much radiation to kill a rabbit as it does a human, and 100 times more than a human for a cockroach.


Another part of what makes that site so interesting to me is the dry humor and style of the author.


"I don't count those couple of times when 'experts' tried to invent an excuse to give me a shower, because those had a lot more to do with physical biology than biological physics."


"My dad used to say that people are afraid of a deadly thing which they can not see, can not feel and can not smell. Maybe that is because those words are a good description of death itself."

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dont forget going in with a leather jacket and coming out a knight in shining armor. ;)


i wish there was a guestbook or email so i could tell the webmaster how much i enjoyed that site, but theres only a mailing address. :/

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