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Chechenya I think it is :D


The conflict goes far behond in time; but what I know started in 1864 when the Chechens surrendered to the Tsars of Russia. Then they like "rose up", sort of tried to get their independence, and they were subdue (correct word?) by the Russians.


Then many Chechens emigrated to Turkey & Jordan. The group which remained there, tried to take control of their almost-country, but the Communist regime didn't aloud them, and through war and staff, they were mainted under control.


I think it was in 1918 when it was declared Independent, under the name of Republic of the North Cau-something Federation.... but it was not accepted by all countries, and it was certainly not accepted by Russia!


With WWI, many Chechens were sent to Germany, and the part who remained in Russian where sent to exile, by Stalin, to Siberia.


Grozny, which is Chechenya's capital, started to be considered a hostil territorie, and the Russians were like very "hostil" there.


In 1990 the Chechens, in a conference in Grozny I believe, declared themself independent, and they stopped being part of the Soviet Union. That was ratified for the Suma, Sima, or something like that, which is the Russian parliament.


Then they held elections and obviously someone got elected, as their first president. The Soviet Unions, in 1992, dissapeared, and was repalced by the Russian Federation. The Chechens did not sign a sort of contrat, to join them.


So, in 1994 Russian invaded Chechenya, like "took away their Independence" and treats Chechenya as a hostile territorie! According to them, full of terrorists!


I must add, that Chechens are musulims, so there is also a religious thing there!


yeah, that's it! or that's what I know :D

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Yeah that was scarely amazing, as I saw at least.


I am very skeptical about what's going on there, since the Russians are well very corrupt and they don't have free tv, that means everything has to pass through the goverment's eyess......... so, me not believing much of what the news say...

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