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survivor, yeah

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So it's up the audience who wins the million?


Thats kinda lame.

yeah giving a way a million dollars is lame....




I dont like Tom now. That was so pathetic when he pretended he was gonna shake Robs hand.

haha i laughed so hard


I knew I heard something about a car haha. Shii Ann? That's weird...

i thought so too

asians are the worst drivers...

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I voted for Rupert because he's going to spread the money around in his community...


I think ShiAnn played really smart, but she was totally outnumbered- despite her smarts though, she could be pretty annoying- too smart for her own good. Let me just say Smart one more time 'S-M-R-T!'


I think it's cool that we the audience gets to pick who we think should have a million bucks.

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