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Who smokes on here ??


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Re: In reply to Kettercat~


I answered “I smoke THC AKA weed”.


I used to smoke cigarettes for 7 years & recently quit. Smoking cigarettes is dumb; I knew that from the start. As far as weed goes, it’s a case by case basis.


I don't smoke. Never tried that and never will, can't stand it.

And people who smoke weed are stupid, I'm sorry :rolleyes:


Marijuana stimulates the mind:

Before pot was illegal, many of the greatest minds used it as a tool. Many great European writers and intellectuals smoked the herb. French writer Victor Hugo, German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, and former US President John F. Kennedy were all pot heads. Sober, I have a scattered brain, I always have. As a Virgo, I have the tendency to worry about everything and strive for order and accomplishment. If I wake up to a green bowl by my bed, I can open my eyes, and see the world in a better light. I’m ready to get things done with out the stress of the world really affecting me. I can enjoy my job, and continue my day in a productive manner, working out, hanging with friends, etc. When I am sober, they day seems long at 11am, and I feel the need to power down a couple Starbucks just to keep moving. Like most things, different strokes for different folks, but this is how it works for me.


Marijuana has helped those in pain:

Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Lester Grinspoon and James Bakalar wrote the book Marijuana: The Forbidden Medicine. The two claim marijuana could ease nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy, improve the appetite of AIDS patients, and help those with glaucoma. In the US, over the last few years, weed is often being prescribed and helping people.


*The ancient Egyptians recommended marijuana for sore eyes while various cultures used it to treat coughs, headaches, and menstrual cramps. Chinese Emperor Shen Nung was convinced the plant could cure beriberi, malaria, rheumatism, and constipation


In ancient India, marijuana was the standard treatment for fever and dysentery while African women smoked it to relieve the pain of childbirth. Other conditions believed to be cured by marijuana were anxiety, asthma, depression, epilepsy, and loss of appetite. Small wonder it has become the most popular illegal drug in the United States and the second most commonly abused drug in the Philippines.


The bad parts ~

Marijuana can cause respiratory diseases, but not if it’s being smoked through a vaporizer and can cause depression. Pregnant women who smoke have an increased risk of delivering babies with a low birth weight or leukemia. Many legal items on the market have much worse side effects than this.


The smoke from weed will not contain the same additives in cigarettes, and the addiction you get if any is not chemical, it’s only physical &/or mental. Marijuana is much less harmful than cigarettes, much less addictive. The benefits of smoking pot (if you have the personality for it) are way over any other drugs I can think of and much less detrimental. I don’t think its smart sounding to label all pot smokers as stupid. If you’d like you can speak for yourself, and say “when I smoke weed, I’m stupid”, but otherwise your statement sounds pretty naïve and ignorant Kettercat.


"Reality is a crutch for people who can't handle drugs." -Lily Tomlin


Herb the gift from the earth

and what's from the earth

is of the greatest worth

so before you knock it try it first

you'll see it's a blessing

and its not a curse” –Ben Harper


Ps. Yeah, I haven’t been around in a while. I was actually just cruising to see if Girlstar was still posting here (*wave*). Not trying to start shit, but it’s a good topic and there are a lot of misconceptions here.



you are a god.!

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