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Guest LiquidSky
Awww look at us, number 651 :lol:


It's so cute :D


:o :o On 651????! :o :o


woah....... :stunned:

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Guest LiquidSky

There's a forum in which I clicked and on the forum it says "*Warning: not work safe content* Beautiful girl pics, sexuality, morality and love topics only." :stunned: No wonder they post a lot! There are lots more pervs out there! :stunned: My gosh! I live in a perv world! :stunned:

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Guest LiquidSky

omg Tom! Look what I just read there! :o :o :o :lol: :lol: :lol:


Chick pees in back of my bro-in-law's truck, WTF?




ok so this is just fooking wierd. I am sitting outside of my house working on a friend's 4Runner when my brother in law calls me up. He was at his apartment just down the street from me and he said he just had something strange happen. He was droppin some heat when he heard a chick and her bf taling outside of his bathroom window. the conversation went like this...


BF: "Hurry up, we have to get there on time"

girl: "I have to pee so bad"

BF: "There's no time, just go in the back of that truck"


My bro knows that his truck is the only one parked out there (he drives a brand spankin new 04 Tundra) and he gets up to look out the bathroom window. He said that the chick was just in a half squat pissin her fooking brains out in the bed of his truck. He got up and walked to the door just in time to walk outside and get a full frontal shot of her pullin up her pants and he was like "What the fuck?!? Get out of my truck, goddammit!" (if it was me, I woulda had my camera ) so she jumps out and her and her BF run to his car and take off. He got all pissed off (or in this case pissed on) and called me because he thought it was going to "eat the paint" and he needed to use my water hose to clean it out...


what the hell man? This was in broad daylight in the middle of a friggin apartment complex.


Anybody ever have wierd, random shit like this happen to them?


Omg! That is so hilarious! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: well I think it's disgusting, but it's funny! who the hell does that? :stunned: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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