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And the winner is...



500,000... Something really really big is gonna happen here tonight

by joyce on Tue 18 May 2004 11:33 pm


Its good to know the thread I started contianed the 500 000 Post !!! :cool:

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Darn, I did not know about this countdown to 500 000 posts until now...

never mind, there's still the 1 million post to look forward and I will be the one who do so!!


BTW,its just a matter of luck that Joyce manage to be the 500 000th poster.

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Kewl Joyce :kiss: Cors, the perveys simply rule this board!!! :cool:


Let's go for the next 500 000!!! :D ;)



We will...tnks everybody......In fact it is just a matter of luck!...so...let´s made of this board the best of coldplay...I mean it already is but just better!




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