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Johnny Depp


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This guy is my favourite actor, I dont think Ive ever heard anyone say Johnny Depp doing a weak performance. Robert de Niro kinda sucked in Meet the Parents, Tom Hanks didnt manage to spark up some of those awful movies he did to keep working, but Johnny always puts in a great role.


He's so versatile, I cant think of another actor who has played a wider range of roles. He's played Italian mafioso, cuban druglord, whatever the hell Benny was, whatever the hell Edward Scissorhands was, English detective in victorian society, English detective in post-victorian society (They were two COMPLETELY different characters though), PIRATE, he just plays every role perfectly (I havent even seen a whole lot of his movies either).


And, adding to his versatility in my book, he starred in 1990's slick skee bop movie Cry Baby, with Ricki Lake. After seeing him in movies like Blow you just cant imagine its the same guy doing this movie, but he does such a great job in it, its a musical, he pulls off some Elvis style moves in it, and hes pretty funny. The movie sucked, but Depp was great.


Also, the guy is beautiful, he could pump some iron and do some stupid heart-throb role, but he always picks the strange, challenging ones. Its wiiiiiiiiiild.


Surely everyone here appreciates Depp?

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I can't think of a bad role he was in.


Actually, I was explaining to someone I work with yesterday who Johnny Depp is. She doesnt go to a lot of movies. I was naming off movies and she couldn't pin point wh he was. I thought Johnny Depp was one of those actors that everyone knew...

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I think its cool how you can get people who are unsure of who Johnny Depp is. I mean, everyone knows who Keanu Reeves is and most people who have read anything about Keanu know of his life as a child etc. but the people who know a lot about Johnny Depp STILL dont seem to know an awful lot about his childhood.


Even in Johnny's "Inside the Actor's Studio" they picked up from the start of his acting career, he mentioned very little about his childhood. Theres a mystery about him, which is great.


From what I know of his childhood, he was very strange, at the age of 8 he was fascinated with World War II, which is totally fucked up for an 8 year old. He dug tunnels in his backyard and once he dug a poorly constructed tunnel and waited for it to fall in on him... Thats.... Right.


I dont know an awful lot about him, I could tell you much more about Keanu Reeves, and that guy cant act for shit. Its like Johnny's talent as an actor cant help but make him mainstream, but he's just a little to the left of that, so that not every 11 year old MTV whore doesnt know who he is.

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Reindeergirl, Is really cool!

Johnny Depp is not only a really good looking guy, is an excellent actor. I love the character that he made with the movie "Don Juan de Marco". Amazing! really amazing



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