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More useless threads

Mojo Pin

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I just get really annoyed when people complain about too many "useless threads" or "pointless threads." We're at an INTERNET MESSAGE BOARD, would could possibly be said here that is truly useful? :lol:


In addition, is it really that hard to just... you know, not click on those threads?


(Yes, I know that I'm now an annoying complaining person too, but... uh... bite me :P )

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I dont 'Hate' or even 'Dislike' useless threads, they just make me wonder why people bother (Replying and stuff). I mean, if 85% of someone whos posted 8,000 posts are Smileys and "Hey there ;) " 's then thats a hell of a lot of wasted time. :dozey:


Just like now. :blush:

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