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Chris Martin And Gwnith are both massive Big Brother 5 fans


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Gwyneth loves Big Brother


Filed: 12:12, Day 26 by Daniel Kilkelly


Gwyneth Paltrow has confessed to being a huge fan of Big Brother.


She has revealed that her favourite housemate is Daniel, while her husband, Coldplay's Chris Martin, likes Vanessa.


Gwyneth enjoys watching the housemates while she is at home, spending time with her new baby, Apple.


Since both Daniel and Vanessa are up for eviction this week, it seems that either Gwyneth or Chris will be disappointed on Friday night. Who will go? Stick with DS:BB and you won't miss a thing!



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Re: Chris Martin And Gwnith are both massive Big Brother 5 f


her husband' date=' Coldplay's Chris Martin, likes Vanessa[/quote']



HA-HA, I KNEW IT!!! I felt his eyes looking at me that day of November 2002 when he was on stage, yeeeeeeeeeeeeah, we both felt the passion!

I knew it he loved me!!











(a few posts after)







Hum, he means that blondie from Big Brother... :angry:

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:lol: :lol: :lol:


Nah he means you...he's just using Big Brother as a cover :sneaky:


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, you're so nice Mimi! :kiss:




I knew you would pick that up


:wink3: :wink3: I think I should add it in my sig...

Oooops, btw... welcome back Daryl!! We've missed you a lot!! :D

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