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I have a new love.


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I know it´s off-topic, but I´m curious about one thing:


when I watch those school movies, there´s always the popular ones, the nerd ones, the cheerleaders. the popular ones always avoid the rest of the school. Do these things happen for real ? :huh: Like, some kind of bullying ?

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There was quite a heirarchy within my high school (St. Bernadettes), but there were some pretty cool people within it, maybe Im saying that because I was basically one of them. But no, my main friends were regarded as nerds and losers (Without anyone really saying it much) and the popular people mainly didnt acknowledge that I hung around with outcasts, and if I was talking to one of my main friends and a popular kid came over to us theyd have no problem there.


But if I was to GO OUT to a nightclub or movies with a bunch of popular people and brought an un-popular friend, big huge upset there. I suppose theres kind of a boundary line of acceptance.


So, it was quite like that.

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Poor Theresa' date=' I've witnessed how girls turn on eachother, thats really terrible. Its like the whole group just turns on one single person.[/quote']


My ex-friends are growing up,ya know...terrible time...I can control it, but them :rolleyes: :angry: Well, now these chicks who left me argue with each other, too :lol: Two of them will probably join my friend & I...so maybe we're gonna be a group again! Crazy!

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