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  1. So what if those 2019 festival appearances will be by Los Unidades [emoji848]
  2. I have to leave and do actual things for a few hours now :'(
  3. You missed a question mark there ;)
  4. I know Unidades means "units," but it is also similar to Unido, which means "united." So maybe it is for collaborations where artists are united together idk.
  5. Coldplay are now legally obligated to release Car Kids
  6. So Los Unidades could just be the band they use to release Chris' dream music while remaining true to Coldplay music under that name.
  7. I think it's a pretty good song!
  8. What channel is Nick Grimshaw's show? He said he will be playing new music!
  9. *Desperately tries to cram 2 hours of work into 45 minutes*
  10. How come no one's talking about Life Is Beautiful? Kind of Spanish sounding...
  11. I was so confused when I saw that tweet from Parlophone yesterday! I thought to myself, "What new band doesnt have a social media account that they have to use a hashtag?" And omg Car Kids?!
  12. Jim Parsons (not the one from The Big Bang Theory) was the producer for Live 2012 (Filmed in Paris). Footage from Live 2012 was used in AHFOD when talking about MX, and audio from Live 2012 was used for part of Yellow. As far as Milan is concerned, I'm not sure if Parsons was involved with filming during the AHFOD tour. If so, some footage from Milan may have been used during AHFOD, and he may have been involved with filming that night.
  13. Just a theory: Did aspects of The Race turn into X Marks the Spot? ("So I race for it")
  14. So maybe the scythe? A knife? Magic? (Knife throwing)
  15. How about an airplane? "Fly into the sunset" --> Paradise video?
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