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  1. How did this thread not get deleted in the server move a while back??
  2. I just heard Trouble on the radio for the first time ever!!!
  3. Found this on a chalkboard haha!
  4. I am helping to teach a physics class over the summer, and today, we had the students come up to the board and write down things that they connect to physics. Two of the responses were: "Speed of Sound" and "42." Of course I had to say that those are two good songs hahaha.
  5. AMDB9


    I wonder how U2 would fit in this mix. They are obviously a big band, are still touring, and gaining new, younger fans. In addition, many of their original listeners are at an age where they would be more likely to use streaming services.
  6. Thats what i said haha, but Don't Panic vs. Hurts Like Heaven
  7. I asked if there is a way to get it back, but I haven't heard back yet. Everything's Not Lost vs. Don't Panic
  8. So.....I made a big mistake..... There have been a lot of spam threads lately, and I was going through deleting them all, and I accidentally deleted the original 'War of the Coldplay Songs' thread which had over 50,000 posts. I feel very very very bad about it. I thought I undeleted it before it was too late, but apparently I did not. @I ran away was the last to post in the original thread with the songs: Chinese Sleep Chant vs. 1.36 Let me continue that with: Chinese Sleep Chant vs. Up&Up Once again, very sorry, so let's try to get this thread going again!
  9. This is amazing!! Mobile Link: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2012160962436371&id=1843208489331620
  10. I have seen a couple people on campus with Love Buttons, and I will always talk to them. I was in the grocery store a couple weeks ago and passed a guy wearing the AHFOD Tour shirt, and I told him I liked the shirt. And, when I was wearing my Coldplay shirt, I walked into class, and one of my friends (who I had no idea liked Coldplay) said, "Coldplay! I love them!" Apparently we were at the same concert, and we spent the next few minutes before class talking about the band haha!
  11. On my way to school, the bus I take always passes two streets that are just a couple blocks away from each other...Martin Drive and S. 42nd Street :) .
  12. Colorado, USA It's a tie for me between Mylo Xyloto and X&Y, but if you can only put one pin, go with X&Y!
  13. No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground?
  14. So true! At my concert, all the people around me sat down when Coldplay got to the C-Stage and then stood back up once IMP started.
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