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  1. A fiddle dee dee and a top of the morning to ya! I’m Jordan, 19, from the other side of the world (New Zealand). Welcome to Coldplaying!
  2. New Apple iPhone XS Pre-order lockout or a release of Live 2017 through the Apple Store!!??
  3. Nah they won’t announce it this week they’ll definitely release in November like all other Live films. My bets are on September 21st and September 28th
  4. Yeah maybe try again next week...or maybe the week after that...well maybe even this time next month....
  5. Chris: ‘Guys I’ve come up with a song we can play! Check it out!’ *blasts EDM* Will, Jonny and Guy: ‘No way we’re doing that oh ok fine let’s do it.’ Chris: ‘That’s my boys.’
  6. Kia Ora from New Zealand Deewelch! I’ve also been listening to Coldplay since 2000 but I was like one years old back then...so does that count?
  7. Thank you for that unfortunately it’s a zip file and isn’t supported. Can you upload file links separately rather than in one zip file?
  8. I think Coldplay are already doing that. Coldplay can do a song with anybody and it would still be a freaking fantastic song. Even if it was with Tove Lo. P.S: Tove Lo is even worse than The Chainsmokers.
  9. I just read through this entire thread and it was a good laugh to say the least. Especially the parts where some people said: “Well at least it won’t be on Kaleidoscope EP!” IMHO, SJLT was a good strategic decision for the band for KEP popularity (The chainsmokers got used even though it seems the chainsmokers used them). I can see where people say it’s rubbish compared to past work but the problem is that you cannot compare SJLT to their previous work because they have evolved from the AROBTTH and X & Y days altogether. It would be a bad move for them to return to making and releasing songs of this nature in the 2018 and in the future because it’s not relevant as the years of 2002 - 2005. So the bottom line is if you don’t like the song, then you’re not adaptable like Coldplay.
  10. New Zealander mate, you’re dead right!
  11. Your bold text was slightly deceiving I thought you were sharing exciting news about Live 2017. Nevertheless, September is here and I think Libor is right. An announcement is imminent.
  12. It’s hard to tell after the wrapping up of AHFOD but my punt will be same same but different.
  13. Place the Army Of One (Extended Version) between Kaleidoscope and All I Can Think About Is You. Miracles (Someone Special) can be placed between AICTAIY and Amazing Day (as MSS fades out, AD intro fades in) I think this is the ideal placement of AHFOD and Kaleidoscope E.P. tracks.
  14. Surely an announcement can’t be far away. I expect a trailer and/or AHFOD Live Track will be released next month and full release November 2018. I can’t imagine any other month to release seeing Live 2003 and Live 2012 were also released in November
  15. Oh well keep that positive thinking up until September! That's probably the realistic date for the trailer release.
  16. Every Coldplayer for the last 5 months: This will be the month!
  17. I highly doubt that AHFOD Live 2017 is going to become a leftrightleftrightleft or a Toronto 2006. Not for the 3rd most grossing tour in the world.
  18. I know I found this on google images. Obviously from someone skilled at fan-art but not so skilled in grammar.
  19. Live 2003: November 2003 Live 2012: November 2012 Live 2017: November 2018
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