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  1. We all know Life is Beautiful is a bit of a mystery (maybe it was just a phase Chris was having), but the 2017 live versions of GPASUYF are mint! I would much rather have this one over Birds in the live CD, even though it’s never been on as CD or music streaming before. Amazing Day and Heroes lasted til about the start of the Asia tour where SJLT replaced Amazing Day. I would very much like to see the Heroes cover on a live release. Jonny’s guitar is delicious in this, Guys bass is wonderfully accentuated and the clicking intro (midnight key pitched??) is cool.
  2. What if Life is Beautiful and The Race we’re on the new LP8!!!!???? Now that’s definitely something to think about. Life is Beautiful could easily become the In My Place of the Parachutes tour
  3. Live in São Paulo on ITunes not available in NZ yet. :sob:
  4. Something tells me the AHFOD era isn’t over just yet...especially if Coldplay agree to release The Race. Btw, I think we can all agree The Race would have been a much better substitute for the Tokyo ‘Remix’ Of SJLT on Kaleidoscope EP! I think that truly would be the best EP that Coldplay releases if that were the case
  5. And Jon Hopkins!!! And Avicii! Oh no wait...
  6. Agreed I think 2020 would be an awesome time to release a new album Imagine if LP8 was an instrumental album LOL
  7. I just want to say that now is such a great time to be a Coldplay fan! I haven’t felt this way since Kaleidoscope EP release. The Race snippet I first thought could have been an excellent song for the Viva la Vida album but then I saw it was an unreleased product of the AHFOD era, which I think makes more sense. The U2ish rhythm vibes positivity a lot like the strum of the A Head Full Of Dreams track. And the intro OMG sounds like Stargate had input for this it sounds so heavenly!!! I really would love to see this released! Vitamins definitely belongs on Parachutes but I can see why they wouldn’t have released this one - it does sound a bit too same-same compared to the other tracks on the album
  8. Hi Coldplayers! This is to announce the new documentary Coldplay: Behind The Stage which will be released on December 11, 2018. Coldplay: Behind the Stage by Matt Salmon https://itunes.apple.com/nz/movie/coldplay-behind-the-stage/id1441625328 The film is directed by Matt Salmon and is rated ‘G’. To me it looks a little b-grade especially when compared to Matt Whitecross’s newly released documentary ‘Coldplay: A Head Full Of Dreams’ and seems to focus a lot on the Viva la Vida - Mylo Xyloto eras as the trailer depicts. Still would be worth a watch I think.
  9. Have you been hiding under a rock? The Butterfly Package releasing on December 7 will have a Live in Buenos Airies Live album (full concert of the last show of the AHFOD Tour), plus a Live in São Paulo full concert film as well as the new AHFOD movie. That’s only 3 weeks away now!
  10. Chinese sleep chant! (Cause of the game Chinese whispers) OMG A WHISPER!!!
  11. SPOILER ALERT!!!! [spoiler=Clocks] Isn’t weird how there was a clocks promo trailer for the movie yet there was not even one mention for that song! Also it was a bit frustrating that one song was never shown being played entirely in full live (apart from AHFOD), but instead there were these cross-timeline radio radio radio edits for the bangers the band played. Like GPASUYF in the extra content - that was a really good start of a song...
  12. It was beautiful! Despite the many letdowns such as very low publicity in NZ, excessive offensive language and some of the film editing, I feel like this film has made me learn so much more about who coldplay really are and they will certainly give me a new perspective of their earlier albums and releases. It’s very inspiring, but also makes you appreciate how much hard work is involved in making a record. I can’t wait to see what they have in store next. How about yourself @driftaguy ?
  13. ....and I’ve just finished seeing the movie. It’s a bit hard to sum up in a few words, but there are definitely lessons to be learned
  14. Really sorry to hear about your illness, I hope you’ll get through this! It sounds like everything’s not lost (so to speak), you can still see the film whether through amazon and/or butterfly package. As for me, I’m seeing AHFOD film tonight!!!!!!!! I don’t know how I’m gonna get through work today!
  15. Nah I think AHFOD covered that... And it feel strange to tour Kaleidoscope 2 years after it’s release when it’s only a 5 track EP. Coldplay’s next album + tour should ideally be in 2020 onwards to mark their next chapter beginning with the new decade. Otherwise it might just feel like twisted logic...
  16. No dis on Fix you! I do agree with you on A Message and Lovers in Japan, I don’t really understand the appeal to these, although they are listenable
  17. Yes yes and yes also Something Just Like This, Hymn For The Weekend and Princess Of China are up there as being some of the best songs that Coldplay has done IMHO. Go buy a gun and start a war
  18. Coldplay songs that I wish were scrapped from most worst to least worst: Parachutes album: We Never Change, Life is for Living, Parachutes (it sounds unfinished, why have it as this song as album title?) AROBTTH Album: Green Eyes (despite seeing live as C-Stage request) AROBTTH, Amsterdam, Daylight X&Y album: A Message and Swallowed in the Sea. I’m undecided about The Hardest Part, some days it’s okay sometimes its bleh. The LRLRL version of course as Zero_Theory has mentioned is the best. Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends - Prospekts March edition album: Prospekts March (Poppyfields is okay though) and Now My Feet Won’t Touch The Ground. Mylo Xyloto album: Up with the Birds and Up in Flames are meh. Fantastic album though, probably my faveourite! Ghost Stories: Oceans is meh but still not bad, and the reprise is nice. A Head Full Of Dreams: Fun (hate the music but vocals are good) and undecided about XMTS.
  19. [MEDIA=twitter]1060252065220517888[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/coldplay/status/1060252065220517888 What do we think of the 45 second preview? Anyone liking the kaleidoscope shots that looks like something out of iMovie?
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