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  1. Tell you what if you thought other videos were too rapid, the remix to Paradise will make you have an epileptic fit! Still quite spectacular though!
  2. Here we go we are mere hours away from the live album being released! Here is the iTunes review just uploaded:
  3. Thanks for the follow!

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      Thank you for the follow back =)

  4. I reckon we will get some remixes released especially for E-Lo and Voodoo
  5. The car kids Part is directly underneath the Princess of China part which you can see on the EP on Spotify
  6. Of course E-Lo elo elo is Ole Ole Ole backwards... Just a thought
  7. Welcome aboard the Coldplaying train!
  8. Well at least we all have the same top 3 songs by Los Unidades...
  9. OMG I just discovered will champion vocals from 2:40 on Voodoo!
  10. Everyone seems to be vibing Rise Up which is cool because it’s probably me next favourite from this EP after E-Lo. While most of you like Timbuktu, I feel this is the song Chris is most out of place. His voice comes in like iron-sand compared to the other vocalists. Still a pretty good song though. Some of you are divided over Voodoo, and I’m not too sure either. Some aspects good, others meh (I like David Guetta but he did kind of overshadow Jonny Buckland in the chorus). I think the song still needs to grow on me.
  11. I thought editing was ok, I could at least keep up with it myself. There may have been one too many rapid shots for my liking, but I think Whitecross is trying to add to the carnivalic excitement of the opening hit. The Live in Buenos Airies version crowd noise kinda drowns moments out a little, but I love how the song ends with the intro to Yellow.
  12. I’m not sure if I fully like Voodoo...I don’t get the supposed MX feels. I think Timbuktu and Rise Up are better....
  13. Despite some hateful comments (looking at you @arushofjacktothehead), I can see why the Coldplay name has been distanced from this EP. Los Unidades on this EP sounds like a dancepop party! Jonny Buckland still plays delicious guitar licks whichever band he’s in. Timbuktu’s guitar sounds VERY much like AOAL strum. Beautiful plinking in Voodoo too. E-Lo is probably my faveourite though. Although I think the Mandela rhythm and vibes track is actually pretty cool! Will E-Lo or Voodoo be hitting radio stations?
  15. Me too! Mylo Xyloto is probably my favourite Coldplay album and according to iTunes Voodoo will have the MX ‘feels’. I am pumped!
  16. Do remember to that Los Unidades is a different band to Coldplay and they’ve only released ONE SONG so far, we don’t know what future Los Unidades songs will sound like, but we can only take E-Lo as a guide. The band may have chosen to create a new band to explore their otherwise controversial ideas which is an awesome move, but Coldplay itself nevertheless has been changing and evolving for 20 years, and they’re asking us to change with them. I know I’ve got my seat on this crazy adventure
  17. I wrote a song for you, and it was called Elo, elo elo, elo Lo Lo

  18. *Second standing ovation*
  19. Oh wow this is so much to take in. E-Lo is freaking lit!!!! Chris was right when he said they were going to be full of surprises. They’ve opted for the trending pop over the older styles of alternative rock (which they’ve proved they can still do and do well). Voodoo is gonna be awesome to hear, and it will be interesting to see what GC EP 2 will have also.
  20. I have taken a photo of my printed out chord sheets for this song
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