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  1. Which would be more likely to be dropped this friday? - Fix You (Live in São Paulo/Live in Buenos Airies) - Don’t Panic (Live in Paris)
  2. What’s a PPL Repertoire? AICTAIY (Live) would complete my life XD
  3. You’re being vague and a little secretive... Are you Matt Whitecross!?
  4. 10 things about the Viva la Vida - Live in São Paulo video: 1. The crowd is ecstatic (I mean who wouldn’t be it’s a freaking Coldplay concert) 2. There are about 42 different camera angles (exaggerated). 3. Apparently not all of those 42 different camera angles are from São Paulo as per the different flower screens 4. OTT pink 5. Jonny can play the keyboard I thought he was expanding his instrumental vocabulary when he played snare drums on HFTW 6. Chris plays ‘Risk’ Live with Will 7. Is it just me or is this entire video in the identical resolution of Live 2003? 8. Will is psyched 9. Chris mimes banging the bell too much 10. If this is a glimpse of whats to come from Live in São Paulo, then expect an energetically dizzying party of Coldplay’s greatest hits with a focus on lights beating in time and Chris prancing round like a maniac on stage.
  5. Yes they are so adorable! Love the Clocks teaser as well it looks incredible visually with the splashes of red and rushing lasers
  6. Has anyone seen any big promos for it like on TV ads or billboards or even for butterfly package? there’s no publicity whatsoever here in NZ for the new movie...
  7. I think it’s a good move that Live in Beunos Airies has GPASUYF over Birds as it includes an ole ole ole ole build up which of course is from Life is Beautiful (and hence making this version of GPASUYF siiiick) so TECHNICALLY we are getting a sample from Life is Beautiful officially released... But Birds also is not bad played live as well especially when the drums kick in from the Oceans interlude which the whales only appear on screen when Birds is about to be played and we all know how Japan and whales are connected...
  8. So Coldplay will have a Live in Tokyo album and not have AICTAIY on it... y u do dis
  9. I notice that the Viva la Vida - Live in São Paulo has fleeting shots of the flower of life screens positioned vertically, which I believe is from Wembley 2016 live show. I like how the tetris pieces (I know it’s actuallu a code I forgot it’s name though) from X & Y artwork has been shoved into a basket next to the poppies from Prospekts March interlude track Poppyfeilds!
  10. I’m in New Zealand which means I’m the first to see it LOLOLOLOL don’t worry I won’t give away too many spoilers before the rest of you watch it...WELL maybe a few...
  11. Hello and welcome from New Zealand! I also can’t wait for the movie it’s gonna be freaking awesome!
  12. Woohoo my hometown in New Zealand is listed and the local cinema lists the AHFOD Movie as coming soon I am PUMPED!
  13. Amongst all this excitement let’s take a moment to congratulate ourselves for reaching everyone’s favourite page number in the AHFOD Film thread! And the film hasn’t even been released yet...
  14. Wow what an awesome announcement to wake up to! Trailer gave me hype! In New Zealand we have a free-to-air TV channel called Prime I wonder if the movie will broadcast there on November 16...
  15. OMG I drove to work screaming with excitement this morning! It’s friday morning in NZ I’m expecting something official at lunch! As Chris would say: “Gimme a WHOOP WHOOP!”
  16. I hate it when Coldplay don’t announce their new movie...
  17. September 28th has been and gone and still nothing...this is becoming more frustrating than waiting for KEP to drop! Edit: At least KEP had been announced...
  18. I just wish all the predictions were making are valid and we don’t have a repeat of what we all thought LAST YEAR ( see thread beginning)
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