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  1. Talk is a really cool song and I wish it was stilled played live. It was only played properly during the Twisted Logic Tour - but Coldplay did do a techno remix medley of God Put a Smile Upon Your Face and Talk during the Viva tour. I wish I was there to see that played live because Coldplay really outdo themselves then! So in summary Coldplay's X & Y actually was a bit of a flop despite massive fan rave and they should be doing more techno
  2. PARACHUTES: Yellow, Don't Panic A RUSH OF BLOOD TO THE HEAD: Clocks, God Put a Smile Upon Your Face, The Scientist X & Y: Fix You, Talk, Speed of Sound VIVA LA VIDA OR DEATH AND ALL HIS FRIENDS: Life in Technicolor, Viva La Vida, Violet Hill MYLO XYLOTO: Paradise, Charlie Brown, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, Princess of China GHOST STORIES: A Sky Full of Stars, Midnight, O A HEAD FULL OF DREAMS: Adventure of a Lifetime, Hymn For The Weekend, Everglow, Up&Up, A Head Full of Dreams, Something Just Like This, Hypnotised
  3. I don't know if this means anything to the live album/film thread but Coldplay have just released a piano version of The Scientist as a new single, this is available on Spotify. I kinda want to know why they did that now.
  4. If Coldplay, Matt Whitecross and Dave Holmes were watching this thread, they would be having a great laugh.
  5. A NEW COLDPLAY UPDATE! Elton Jon will be releasing in April two new albums preceding a grammy tribute concert. The albums are called Restoration and Revamp. On Revamp (which has a more pop sound than Restoration with its country feel), Coldplay will cover "We All Fall In Love Sometimes", along with other notable artists like Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, P!nk, The Killers, Ed Sheeran, etc etc etc. So is this one of Chris's 'surprises'? A good sign Coldplay aren't on a lull in activity and releases anyways.
  6. They aren't in order sorry, but the top and bottom are acoustic, the middle one is the main riff that appears right at the start. As mentioned in original post, the alien-sounding riff is a slide from 10 - 9 - 7 on D string as per this official tab. Hope this helps
  7. Sure thing. Try downloading the Ultimate guitar app, creating account if you don't already have one. I was a cheapskate like you too and was riding on the free version but it gave me full access for being so loyal so maybe it happens to all idk.
  8. Hey can someone tweet Mat Whitecross or someone on The Coldplay Team and ask that even though the live movie may not be finished yet, whats the status on the Live 2017 album itself?
  9. Hahaha I love Starfish as an album name!
  10. For those of you who use the Ultimate Guitar Tabs app, you'll see there has been a major update which gives full access (tab pro, etc) to 'loyal users' who were on a free version. Additionally, there are Official Versions of Songs done by professional guitarists by the UG Team. So I submit my request for an official tab for A L I E N S from Coldplay's Kaleidoscope EP, and they responded with: "Your request has been fulfilled by the UG Team." Here is the link for the A L I E N S Official Guitar Tab: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/coldplay/a_l_i_e_n_s_official_2313525 I tried it out and its awesome, I love how you can tab not just acoustic or lead but a whole range of instruments, including synths and vocals. For example, you can play the alien-sounding riff by sliding from fret 10 - 9 - 7 on D string. This has been so great for me as I have been wanting a tab version for ages! What do you fellow Bucklanders think?
  11. okay okay okay so maybe I was exaggerating the 'AROBTTH being garbage dragging on', apart from my personal favorites from the album like Clocks. I did kind of lump In My Place in that which of course is not too bad of a song in itself, and Politik certainly grabs your attention. What I was meant to say instead of that harshly sweeping statement was it's difficult for me to listen to these songs knowing that Coldplay have done better. While songs like Daylight are alright in themselves, it doesn't keep me entertained enough to listen to the song in their entirety, or I start to wonder what the next song is. (Note: I find A Whisper is better than Daylight) In fact, I feel the same way about X & Y - yes it has cool hits like Talk, Fix You, and Speed Of Sound, but I find Coldplay loses their definition in most of other songs on the album (except Til Kingdom Come, Swallowed in the Sea and Square One) just to be rock. The best part of Coldplay is from Viva - GS, and AHFOD has a lot of good bangers but I know songs like Fun and X Marks the Spot were mistakes musically wise lets be honest. Anyway, my opinion. Don't let what my 18 year old brain thinks influence yours. I see there is a folk/Americana or psychedelic theme being predicted on this thread. I'm definitely for psychedelic, shoe gazing, hypnotic rhythm, whatever you want to call it. It's what Coldplay do best. That Sept 1st date is something I doubt highly also but we'll see.
  12. They need to include a number of things in this live album, like the Hymn For The Weekend / Fix You transition that had the Midnight extract and some beautiful orchestrals. Side note: Is there a studio version of this Fix You version that they played during AHFOD tour? Paradise needs to have its remix outro included and Clocks should have its Army Of One intro too. Also Kaleidoscope extended (is there a studio version somewehere?) and the Charlie Chaplin speech as well as Muhammed Ali concluding Everglow. I would be disappointed if these things were missing. Anything I'm missing?
  13. Man that concert has some good memories for me - it was more first one too! I wish SJLT had come out before seeing them though.
  14. I honestly have no clue which direction Coldplay will go if they make their eighth album, especially after the summing everything up and love, joy, happiness vibe that AHFOD era brought. What I do take a punt on is that they will continue to follow the contemporary style of music popular today. Coldplay was definitely identifiable with rock in the 00's especially AROBTTH and X&Y, as well as Viva. However, the 10's have seen them shift to a more pop/dance/mild rock phase. This new direction was shown in MX which is probably my favorite Coldplay album. Currently, the contemporary style as of 2018 is pop-EDM plus r&b. Coldplay have already adopted this style with SJLT and Miracles SS (described as 'sunset pop' from iTunes review - makes me think of Calvin Harris Funk Wav Bounces), which of course has Big Sean featuring. So I presume more of this will trend in the potential LP8 and therefore will continue to have commercial success. So my answer to poll 2 is that LP8 will be electronica predominant. However, in saying that, Coldplay is Coldplay and I can see more acoustic in amongest the production. Didn't Guy Berryman allude to a more acoustic sound to be expected next, as I saw somewhere? That would be something I would like to see. I also would like the best parts of AROBTTH - Clocks, GPASUYF, and The Scientist (the rest is rubbish that drags on TBH) I would like to see more songs like these, along with MX vibes and more experimental works of art like Midnight. And some fries with that.
  15. So this track has your HFTW, AOAL and Kaleidoscope samples, birds from maybe Birds or HFTW again, AHFOD intro extended. But just after the Kaleidoscope sample, what is the sounds that I can bear, what are they? It sounds like perhaps more birds and maybe a female vocal. Does anyone know? Just interested to know
  16. Coldplay: We have this song called Kaleidoscope, it's got Obama in it. Fans: Oooh sounds nice Coldplay: We have a new EP called Kaleidoscope! Fans: Woohoo sounds awesome Coldplay: Our live DVD will have our live shows that you can watch through rotating kaleidoscopes! Fans: Maybe that kaleidoscope thing was a bad idea...
  17. I wouldn't hold my breath. Out of 24 songs that they usually play per show, they gotta choose about 15 for their live album. Trimming out the fat so to speak. If they go for any AROBTTH songs, it has to be Clocks. Ideally, I would like to have the live track include the Army of One Excerpt and the partial playing of Midnight following the song.
  18. Life is Beautiful could very well be on there (like Moses on Live 2003), it could also be a film only extra too. Charlie Brown should be on their live album as Chris said they were recording it live. Although who of us knows for sure whether that will happen. I'm kind of wishing that GPASUYF appears too as an extra or something cause that was one of my favourite tour songs they played to replace Birds. I disagree that SJLT will make it on Live 2017 for the reason that they already have a live version of this song on the Kaleidoscope EP and that the song is by the Chainsmokers also so it's not entirely their song anyway like all the others. Whatever the case, I will be just happy to see a goddamn trailer! C'mon Coldplay where are you boys at??
  19. Darn Coldplay usually release live albums in November....November 2018 then? LOL shoot me now! I expect the tracks to have: AHFOD ETIAW (alternatively Yellow ) Birds Paradise Magic (alternatively AIMH) Everglow Clocks Charlie Brown Hymn for The Weekend Fix You AOAL Kaleidoscope UATW ASFOS Up & Up That in itself would be enough for the whole live album yet there could possible be more. Any thoughts on this?
  20. New New Zealand Coldplayer here! I am such a huge fan of the band, they are the definition of truly spectacular music.

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