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  1. Hurts Like Heaven vs. A Head Full Of Dreams
  2. The Escapist vs. End Credits - Live in Buneos Airies
  3. Life in Technicolor vs. The Escapist
  4. The first song was lit, the rest got real experimental hahaha
  5. Unlikely names for Coldplay’s next tour: - The ‘we forgot to do ‘Fun’’ Tour - Look Out Rolling Stones Tour - Para-para-Parachutes Tour
  6. Or you know, you could just quit your job and start a new life as Coldplay’s official videographer!
  7. AHFOD Tour 2? Was third best tour in the world not good enough?
  8. Aquaman: 8.5/10 Action packed nautical drama with an explosion per unexpected moments and Maori actors
  9. Holmes & Watson: 7.5/10 I love spoof movies like anyone else, which this movie brings with full force. The plot line was easy and intriguing to follow. There were some hilarious moments which referenced the modern day, yet one too many sexual references for my personal liking - it kind of went from amusing to awkward. Good watch overall
  10. Yeah I’m pretty sure Chris voice is more tender than the lead singer of imagine dragons with his raspy screams
  11. I figured out why the real SJLT - Live in Buenos Airies was not actually used. I watched a YouTube clip of the performed song on someone’s camera and at first you can tell the obvious differences between the live album version and the actual performance. At the songs bridge, Chris’s microphone suddenly feeds back and makes a reverberating screech which although was short, was enough to ruin the whole recording of the song. The only other recording was the one for Love in Tokyo which of course was used also on Kaleidoscope EP. So that’s what they ended up using because the microphone feedback ruined the actual recording at Buneos Airies. I bet someone was fired for that :joy:
  12. I’ve just noticed on the Paradise music video that’s been put up on Spotify that at 5:12, a shot from the Midnight Interlude has been sneaked in, which you can tell by the forest silhouettes on the screen.
  13. Give it a shot and see how it is. Because if you never try you’ll never know ;)
  14. I know such a shame I don’t know if Love in Tokyo has Birds or not (does someone know?) otherwise just rip the audio of Birds off the Live in São Paulo film!
  15. Geez I’d hate to see your Live in Buenos Airies review!
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