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  1. I do hope they bring back that tradition of playing rarities and old songs, not just audience requests but through wanting to do so as well. I'd love to request them to play a song like Glass of Water or High Speed during a concert!
  2. I feel the same way but at the same time if the band have been out of concerts for how long then treating the audience and those who don't follow the band as much with the usual hits is perfectly fine. Perform the big songs to get people's attention to the fact that you're touring and then play the more interesting songs later on. I do miss In My Place, though - it was played almost every concert until 2017 and never played since. And I have a feeling songs like Everything's Not Lost, COTW, or Trouble in Town might be surprise inclusions in a setlist sometime in the future.
  3. All I Can Think About is You vs Atlas
  4. Violet Hill vs Trouble in Town
  5. White Shadows vs Swallowed in the Sea
  6. Higher Power vs Don't Let it Break Your Heart
  7. Swallowed in the Sea vs Amsterdam
  8. Death and All His Friends vs Trouble in Town
  9. Death and All His Friends vs Yes
  10. Champion of the World vs Church
  11. For those thinking that the new album was going to be a full-blown pop record with no redeeming songs, I think Human Heart is proof enough that this era will surprise some if not many people. I myself though that the collaborations in this album would be more generic and pandering to the public but I love these little features, which is part of the reason why I loved EL so much. It's also interesting, because no matter your opinion on the song - the lack of other band members being one of it - I don't think anyone can bash them here for being safe or pandering, because this song is
  12. Well, time to update this I guess... CONFIRMED SONGS: Higher Power Human Heart POSSIBLE INCLUSIONS: The Race (rumored to be on the album) Untitled (That song played on the clubhouse sessions) Bless (what Chris said to someone in Malibu about new music) Macadamu (Some phrase Guy said) Alien Radio (Maybe, given the frequency of its use) Music of the Spheres (Self titled, might be a Mylo Xyloto/Life in Technicolor based on the Glastonbury intro) UFO (Based on Together at Home)
  13. Cemeteries of London vs Lovers in Japan
  14. Charlie Brown vs Trouble in Town
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