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  1. Good version but i'm still waiting for the acoustic one :P
  2. Round one: Politik vs Always In My Head Round two: In My Place vs Magic Round three: God Put A Smile Upon Your Face vs Ink Round four: The Scientist vs A Sky Full Of Stars Round five: Clocks vs True Love Round six: Daylight vs Midnight Round seven: Green Eyes vs Oceans Round eight: Warning Sign vs Another's Arms Round nine: Amsterdam vs O
  3. Here we go Round 1: Life In Technicolour vs. Always In My Head Round 2: Cemeteries of London vs. Another's Arms Round 3: Lost! vs. Magic Round 4: 42 vs. Ink Round 5: Lovers In Japan vs. True Love Round 6: Viva La Vida vs. A Sky Full of Stars Round 7: Violet Hill vs. Midnight (can't decide) Round 8: Strawberry Swing vs. Oceans Round 9: Death And All His Friends vs. O
  4. Round 1: Don't Panic vs Always In My Head Round 2: Magic vs Trouble Round 3: Ink vs Shiver Round 4: True Love vs High Speed Round 5: Midnight vs Sparks Round 6: Another's Arms vs Spies Round 7: Oceans vs We Never Change Round 8: A Sky Full Of Stars vs Yellow Round 9: O (Fly on) vs Everything's Not Lost
  5. pipp088


    They finally take it to the next level, the song is dope and it keeps on growing on me. Not the sound, but the atmosphere carried me back to their first three albums, and that's great. Magic is average but i do believe this album will be a great one.
  6. Charlie Brown and VlV 10/10, you must be kidding.. How would you rate either Clocks, The Scientist, Square One, Yellow, Major Minus, Fix You or DaAHF then?!?! Lol To me Magic is worthy of 7/10, with Midnight they take it to the next level (9/10)
  7. pipp088


    Still prefer Midnight actually, dark and spiritual, it gives emotions, a great tune definitely. To be honest Magic is just a lame and average song, as a result erratic. I have a good feeling for the new album though.
  8. There's a keen possibility that it might happen, actually it makes sense. Thanks for the info sodovan38
  9. Is there anybody out here who think they're dropping songs out from the new album as they did during the live concerts on summer 2011, just in a different way?? It's just a clue, to me it's just hard to think of midnight out of LP6.
  10. Overall it's a very good song, less production and i reckon they're following the right direction, masterworks will come out in due time (LP6!)
  11. 1) How many tracks will LP6 have? 11 2) How long will LP6 be? 45 -50 mins 3) Assuming it will be released in 2014, which month will it be released? pragmatically Oct - Nov 2014 4) Guess the new look. What will LP6 era costumes look like? brand new style, but scruffy (doesn't mean untidy this case) as much as the previous ones i suppose 5) Where do you think LP6 will land within the broad spectrum of music genres/styles? Alternative Rock, Acoustic, sure less electronic than MX in its production
  12. 99,9 % Atlas won't be part of their forthcoming LP, they did the same in the past. Furthermore we know nothing regarding the new album, it would be impossible that we're going to listen to the 1st single out of this one.
  13. guys, before my real physical copy, i've got itunes japanese version and Retail version, 264 kbps both of them, mpeg the second and AAC the other one, are there any difference?? which is the best? let me know please..
  14. patrizio quando lo ascolti fammi sapere se noti differenze... io non ho questo orecchio sopraffino.. forse qualcosa ma... boh..
  15. yeahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a surprise! back from uni and.... MYLO XYLOTOOOOOOOOOO !!!perfect day... yu uh!!!
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