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  2. I read an article covering a similar topic in the newspaper the other day (yes, I know, I'm old-school, reading newspapers and printed magazines) Well, in my own experience, I have noticed how my ability to focus on a single activity has depreciated the more I use the Internet. When I was in high school or my first two years in college, I was able to sit down and read or do homework for hours, only taking breaks to eat, go to the bathroom, stretch, or exercise. Now? I get easily distracted while using my laptop into looking up stuff on Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, the list goes on. I don't feel as efficient as before.
  3. Dear friends, Thanks for your lovely messages. I have not been here for many weeks, and I don't plan to visit as often as I did before. Specially since Lent is coming, I am giving up Facebook, Twitter, and any other social network I am part of. I might be back once I am done with this semester, probably in mid-May. I remember all of you fondly :)

  4. Happy 2010, have a great year. Best wishes. make each day be full of joy. ...__... ...| |... ...| |... ...| |... ...| |... ...\ /... ....||.... ..../\.... ...----...

  5. merry christmas, lola! :hug:

  6. Happy Christmas to you Lola! :heart:

  7. Happy Thanksgiving :)

  8. Hello, A shameless beg for a favour from all my Coldplaying friends: Please help my school win a prestigious award. Click on http://www.socialenterpriseawards.org.uk/awards_vote.php and vote for St. Cuthbert's College Thank you :)

  9. :dead: Did you hear about Miami? Apparently Ticketmaster, coughishouldsayticketbastardinsteadcough, leaked a date for Miami on July 9th, 2010. They removed it seeing that the leg hasn't been official yet. But I am totally up for this one if it becomes official!:dead::dead::dead::sweatdrop:

  10. Sí por fin! Después de 4 giras era justo y necesario :lol:

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