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  1. I love playing Clocks/Fix You/Amsterdam on the MP9500, and on guitar I love playing Violet Hill
  2. While I acknowledge it's the only thing missing.. this is literally the most fun digital piano i've ever played EVER for the coldplay sound quality, and action. I plug in my Sennheiser HD280 Pro's into the headphone jack, and it's just immersive. Granted, I found my MP9500 on eBay for dirt cheap plus an 8 hour roundtrip drive, and have absolutely ZERO regrets. Drop a few bills when you can so you have some solid monitors to enjoy....it'll blow your mind.
  3. Thanks to my fellow coldplayers and the makers of this thread. I just got my hands on the mp9500 after driving 450 miles round-trip on a day off. Oh my god. The sound is out. of. this. world. Damn. (Now to figure out midi and making this thing croon with the fix you organ.....)
  4. I do have 2 floor seats available in section C2, and it's less-than face value...
  5. Selling awesome floor seats: I have 2 Tickets in Section C2 for Gillette Stadium this Saturday. I'll sell both for $300.
  6. I swear to god if they don't play it in Boston... the additions they've made to it texturally with the vocal triggers is incredible!! (READ: I don't want to burn my insta-song request on it - imagine acoustic death and all his friends, yo!) Regardless: I dont know about you all, but I see them playing Army of One in two different ways.. - The first way is exactly how they do it on the B-Stage, but with Chris on organ. I feel awkward watching him bounce on a confining B-Stage. - The second way is on the main stage with everyone on their respective instruments, with or without Chris on or
  7. - Amsterdam - Up with the Birds Any song at a gig that is a fair 105 minutes or longer :D
  8. Well, they do have a great relationship with Apple.. But they're also very much like Apple. If they (or something relevant to it's production) aren't ready yet, they won't do anything until it's the proper time.
  9. I think the album is good. It's not great, nor is it bad! I see the downfall in the key - there's too many songs in the same format of sonic range. The storyline of the album is haunting and very vivid at times - to Marcus' credit, they can hit me in the feels. Rather than toss in a reaction, I can tell you I'm excited for their next album. This move was 100% necessary for them - going from folk to something else. However, the fusion of the two will really let them shine in that rock format, as well as their fine signature folk. Plus, if you bend the pitch up in Ditmas, it sounds like
  10. Death and All His Friends/Escapist Up With the Birds O Amsterdam Everything's Not Lost/Life is For Living Twisted Logic
  11. What I want, is a slightly longer set. 100-105 minutes. That'll make more people happy across many spans. Something like the same length of the second half of the 2008/2009 viva tour...yes. that.
  12. Does the top band in the world need more money? I hope they have at this again. It'd be a thrill.
  13. Just throwing it out there... The tourbook/digital notes that came with MX/It's tour have "Myloxylotwo" written in several places. That'd be an interesting "end" to "a story", as it has been hinted towards. I wonder...
  14. BEHOLD!!! The dawn of a new era!! Mutineers, the brand new (and likely to be a high point in his career thus far) album will drop in a week! Pandora has released a stream of the new album in full! It's fantastic. It's experimental. It's a whole new atmosphere. Enjoy it folks - and of course, if any fellow grayhead can "capture" it, i'd be happy to converse with you via PM. http://www.pandora.com/station/play/2093329695095622533
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