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  1. My mom says Michelle. Michael, Michelle. they are very not clever with naming
  2. Twizted Logik

    Uncle Jay???

    He has collaborated with Linkin Park and Coldplay, two bands I very much like. He screwed up the music of both. I don't like him.
  3. Try reading my posts you fucking moron.
  4. Charles Manson. He may be a convicted serial killer, but he's bad ass and hasn't lost his sense of humor.
  5. Well I'm sorry but there's enough idiots out there who believe this shit, and forgive me for not being a mind-reader.
  6. Yes, and Chris probably also heard Gwyneth say "I can't see" while being blinded by flashes. And then he gets flashes in his face. Imagine getting that wherever you go, especially on a day when you're in a bad mood. I'm sure you'd offer the paparazzi some tea.
  7. Where'd you hear that, National Enquirer? People are so fucking stupid sometimes.
  8. Watch this and tell me if he seems like a stuck-up person: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asGIGv6aDJE]YouTube - Chris Martin - Rove [live] interview 2003[/ame]
  9. Neil Young: After The Goldrush Cortez The Killer Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue) Needle and the Damage Done Like A Hurricane Southern Man Cinnamon Girl Rockin' In the Free World Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  10. Lyrically: A Rush of Blood to the Head, Yes, Life In Technicolor, Trouble Musically: A Rush of Blood to the Head, Yes, Daylight, Square One
  11. Well I voiced my opinion: and got told so I had every right to respond. Learn to ignore posts you don't like. I won't say anything more. Enjoy your sadness.
  12. I came up with it in like two seconds, it's pretty good. Picking fights on here is an awesome way to vent your frustration. Just go find someone who's really emotional, say one tiny thing, and watch them go nuts. It's especially fun when it's a group of people that team up to bash you. The funny thing is I like some of Oasis's older stuff. It makes it all the funnier to get told off by those morons.

  13. I'm going to bed. By the way Champagne Supernova kicks ass. But that's the last good thing they did imo.
  14. Yes pity me, I'm such a wreck. At least all my favorite bands are still together.
  15. C'mon you have to admit that last VM was funny. :lol: Nah, really I'm just pissed off and in the mood to pick a fight, and all those whiny Oasis pricks are making it super easy.

  16. But if I want to be a huge penis I'm allowed to. Why? Because it's fun.
  17. Damn that sucks. Survive a plane crash and then die a year later (probably from a drug OD).
  18. Yes, but seeing as how it's a free country, I can also shout it loud and proud. OASIS SUCKS THIS IS A GREAT DAY FOR THE WORLD
  19. Thanks Sherlock. Now go solve the mystery of your missing life.

  20. Was that the guy from the Travis Barker plane crash?
  21. I'm glad this happened. One less shit band to worry about avoiding.
  22. Well I'm so glad you didn't waste my time.

  23. I'm allowed to have an opinion. You don't want to see any posts you don't like? Don't go to public forums.
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