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  1. Nice feel to it :) The electric guitar doesn't mesh very well though and sounds awkwardly improvised, I'd revise and rehearse it. Excellent vocals and the acoustic guitar rhythm sounds fantastic. It would do alright with some percussion and bass. Would you be interested in creating a more professional demo? I can help out.
  2. LOL so when can we expect a new video? ;)
  3. IT'S STEPHANBASS! HE'S ALIVE!!!! And in love?? o_O Oooo-err! I'ma gonna learn this tab even though I don't have a bass yet :D
  4. i think the chords for "so you can hurt, hurt me bad" aren't quite right, LOVE THE WHEELY CHAIR SPIN, and the rest of the chords seem pretty good! Not quite there yet, but keep working on your ear and you'll get it! Great work on the strumming and chord changes as well. Also, please check billy's thread about performing for my explanation about the QFT misunderstanding :D
  5. OH WOW! I AM SOO SORRY! QFT = Quoted For Truth! I quoted your comment because I agreed with it! I had no idea there was another meaning! Please accept my humble apologies for this most unfortunate misunderstanding!!! O_O
  6. Try Eric Arceneaux on Youtube! I'm not sure how to spell his surname...i think his website is the Arceneaux Approach or such...he's the best online instructor I found, if a little verbose :P
  7. WOW, that second link doesn't look like it's about singing LOL Honestly, getting singing lessons was the single best thing I could have done, I spent months trying to learn it online but until you have a person there telling you what you're doing wrong, you'll never know...I only went for ten lessons (all i could afford) and I improved exponentially :) edit: oh whee, 100 posts!
  8. all professionals were beginners once. :) posted my feedback on the videos! oh, and welcome to the forums! :)
  9. Folks here can be quick to the guns but don't let them discourage you, it takes great courage to put yourself out there like this and I think you guys have achieved a lot. There's definitely still a long way to go - refer to above comments! - but A for effort :)
  10. I love The Writer, Starry Eyed and Guns and Roses...I mean, Horses... :P and her acoustic version of Wish I Stayed. Lights is pretty cool too (look up the Shook remix!) But I don't like how she dresses for some of her shows. She doesn't need to... :/
  11. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-bNl82qqJs]‪Hurts like heaven by Coldplay (Cover)‬‏ - YouTube[/ame] will this help? (not my video!)
  12. Well, here's a little something I wrote about a girl, I wouldn't mind hearing what you guys think? :) http://soundcloud.com/williamerasmus/the-sands-of-time
  13. Whoops! I saw it before it was mainstream :P LOL Ignore my comments on the videos please...i didn't realise you'd just uploaded them! :D
  14. That brought a smile to my face and had my foot tapping. Loved it :)
  15. I play piano, guitar, vocals, and the mixing board. (maybe not an instrument, but let's see you make an album without one! :P)
  16. Haha, simple answer is that there is no simple answer. You do what works for you. What works for me is writing down snippets of ideas, or recording little tunes. I'll come up with a great line, like "Your eyes are a reflection of the sky" (just as a fairly stereotypical example) and write that down in a list of "things I came up with and wrote down". I once built an entire song out of these, and it is a darn good song if I do say so myself. (That said, this process is generally just a starting point, or a bouncing board for ideas, it's extremely rare to pull all the elements together!) T
  17. I tried reasoning with them at first (it's like wrestling a stormcloud using chopsticks) and eventually discovered - to my utter joy - a sneaky little close chat button hidden in the corner. :D But, I still squished the player so I couldn't see their comments! And yes, a very exciting show :D
  18. All the new songs sounded better than they usually do live, the video was really jumpy and disorienting but the energy of the band was like this was their first gig, the crowd was really into it, Will had a birthday, Chris threw his balloons in the air and then cursed staining their environmentally friendly image, the opening chords of Fix You turned into an Amy Winehouse - Rehab tribute, and altogether the show couldn't have gone better :)
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