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  1. Go into a store with your guitar and ask to try them out. :)
  2. what don't you understand? :D

  3. Paradise is growing on me. Nothing beats the Fedde remix though. ;) Don't leett itt breeaakk youurr OOOOHHHOOOHOOOOOOAAAAAAOOOOOHHHH Yeah, it's great! Today was even more fun. Thankyou sir! :) Do you work yet?

  4. Hey, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! I have to admit, it's growing on me pretty quickly...including princess of china which surprisingly i really really like :P i'm gradually starting to appreciate it more and more :) AHT/DLIBYH has improved my life. :D My job is as a book keeper for a melbourne pool service firm. It's pretty complicated actually, I do accounting, book keeping, secretarial duties, and cleaning...whew! But I really love the people i work with and I have nothing to complain about :)

  5. You guys made me so happy. Honestly, I can't thank you enough for being so nice to me. :) Geek stuff here: Fooby, I'm running a Sterling ST55 for vocals/ambience and an SM57 micing the bridge of the guitar, through a Presonus Bluetube, the guitar pickup (takamine) going through a Zoom G7 (clean preamp) and all three summed into an old TASCAM tape machine. From there, into Propellerhead's Reason. The violins are MIDI (Miroslav Gold). Honestly it's an incredibly convoluted setup which (barely) compensates for my lack of room treatment, and I'm sure you could get just as good results with les
  6. I'm a little nervous about this one because the person it's about is really close to my heart but we're drifting apart a little I find these emotionally charged parts of life are the best to document in song I'd love to hear what you think :) [ame=http://soundcloud.com/williamerasmus/ships-rough-take]Ships - rough take by William Erasmus on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/ame]
  7. Hi Pete, Learn yourself some music theory, practice your songwriting craft using professional feedback, acquaint yourself with some people who'll form a band with you, get yourself a recording engineer or a label, and you're set. It's that good. Sincerely, -Will :)
  8. Love the sound! Easy to tell you're a Coldplay fan. Well done!
  9. Redo the vocals and you're good to go. :)
  10. Thanks all! :) I'm honoured! Maybe posting covers on the big bad internet isn't so scary after all! :P Robins, I can't remember, I did it by ear....I would recommend you try to learn by ear too! It's very very useful skill to have! but, if you really struggle, post in here again and I'll tab it out :)
  11. Whoops, I listened to this but forgot to reply. It's good! :)
  12. How'd the exams go, if they're done? :) And have you heard MX yet? :) Sorry for the really slow reply! Been really busy. I start fulltime work tomorrow. Wish me luck! Also, i sorta finished a new song and uploaded it. If you get an opportunity to check it out, I'd love to hear what you think :)

  13. No probs B :) PJ Biking? That sounds RAD! What for? :D I've been listening to the leak cause I didnt know if I want the album yet...I'm still not sure! Hahaa! But, A Hopeful Transmission and DLIBYH...I almost cried. <3

  14. seoncds? oh my, i really need to leave my twitter feed alone for a while and make a cup of tea.

  15. A HOPEFUL TRANSMISSION WON MY HEART IN THE FIRST FIVE SEONCDS. I WAS A BROKEN MAN WHEN I REALISED IT WAS ONLY THIRTY SECONDS LONG. But technically it's the opening to DLIBYH, which is my long lost lover, so I'm cool with that. I've been thinking...I'm only buying selective tracks off this album on iTunes. What that does mean, though, is that I'll legally own three copies of ETIAW (four if I get the disc) and two copies of Major Minus. But oh well...they're so good, it's worth it. Want a sneak peek behind the curtain, and hopefully where I'll be headed? Check this out: http://www.uaudio.com/blog/artist-interview-rik-simpson/ Plus, I have Pro Tools ^_^ The only thing I hate about UATW is that it now has johnny's part as an intro. Best of luck on your exam!!!

  16. It's good that you found a band! Hopefully you'll work out the kinks and get it all resolved. :) Oh, and Charlie Brown has the cutest little piano outro.

  17. I didn't know it wasn't out yet when my friend sent it to me LOL but I like listening to music before I buy it anyway. You might like it more than I did though, so don't let my opinions influence you! But here's my honest opinions.... I don't like Princess of China AT ALL :P BUT, Don't Let It Break Your Heart is now one of my new favourite all-time songs (I didn't like it much at first but after a few listens I was sold), UFO is super nice but criminally short, Up With the Birds sounds great but is surprisingly unmemorable (I've listened to it about three times and can't remember how it goes at all), altogether it's a good release but it's no Prospekt's March :P

  18. It has been a while :) Oh, things have been busy ey? You a-ok? :) You're mnum on soundcloud, right? I'm alright, university drove me up the wall and wasn't teaching me anything so I'm starting fulltime work instead so I can save up for recording gear :D My music's okay. Picked up the guitar again for the first time in a while and remembered some of the old songs I'd written, some of them aren't too shabby...might try recording them for youtube or something. I really hate working alone! But I don't know many people who will work with me, and the ones that do are either too domineering or too uninterested in rehearsals that I gave up trying to find people :/ So I end up working alone most of the time but only because I have no other choice haha. I wish I had a band :P Hey, what do you think of MX so far? I like DLIBYH and the already-released-tracks, but the rest of it was kinda underwhelming I thought...

  19. Hey man! How're you doing these days? :)

  20. Hey Champ! How are ya? :)

  21. Only covers songs you want to cover. :) This sounds great, though!
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