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  1. Hi Coldspot, AFAIK you can tune up to G, however the string is not usually designed for this on an acoustic guitar, that said I've never tried to tune it up more than 1 semitone, but I've watched so many cheap strings break that I'm now scared to push any string above it's designated tuning! What I usually do in a case like that would be to use a Capo. For example, the song "Say It To Me Now" by Glen Hansard is in Open E - so the G string gets tuned it up to G#. However, this tuning can only really last for a week of playing in my experience, that string will snap sooner or later. So, in
  2. I'm not sure about that one in particular. I know Coldplay are partial to Martin and Gibson acoustic guitars, if that helps.
  3. Hi Jonathan! :) Welcome to the forums, or at least, as a poster! I love Israel :) The piano sounds great, love it. It's pretty loud though, relative to your voice, in a studio recording the vocals is more prominent. You're a great pianist! :) Pretty good vocalist too, so it'd be worth getting a couple of lessons to improve your breathing technique! I'm guessing it's the chorus on the violins, but one of the effects sounds very modulated and therefore artificial. It just doesn't need to be there since the only modulation in an orchestra performance is the acoustic space and their vibra
  4. Hi there Hulsey, At that 23 second mark, he plays a fifth. I don't know if that's right. I suppose it could be. But I just play the 12th fret on the G string. And in videos, it looks to me like this is how Jonny plays. Just the one string. Middle finger on the string, index finger flat muting all the other strings. If your arm hurts from moving your wrist fast, then it would be worthwhile examining your technique. Keep in mind that you're not strumming, you're just repeating this note on this string. It should be the same motion as scribbling pen on paper. As for the way he plays the
  5. We should organise some sort of meet up before hand :)
  6. Got reserved seats, bought them they moment they went on presale (monday or tuesday, cant remember which) while out on the jobs doing some plumbing stuff - hard work can wait ;)
  7. Hi there fakfak, You seem to be the resident expert in Jonny's sounds. Have you got any covers or demonstrations (or originals) I can listen to? All the best :)

  8. Hey, that's great! I've often wondered why film scores don't get covers, they're so emotive. Loved it.
  9. Dear burns: When I deactivated my deviantart, facebook, posterous, tumblr et al, I kept my coldplaying.com account. :) I honestly think the forum activity is more representative of the community's reaction to the new album, rather than its reaction to social media. Myspace and facebook have been around for what, a decade or two now?
  10. WHOA, there's a thanks button now! that's cool. Okay, reactivated my facebook... :)
  11. Hi Bill Would you like me to reactivate my facebook to contribute to the group or am I not needed? Would love to help out just don't have my facebook online at the moment. -Will :)

  12. Wait, does this mean I have to reactivate my facebook? :P
  13. I agree that it's one of their best, was very disappointed to see it wasn't on MX. I enjoyed your take on it :)
  14. Would like to hear from you fakfak as I was planning to buy this guitar, and am very cut that it is no longer in production :(
  15. I can do mixing, synthesizers, basic backing tracks (eg i could do the strings in viva la vida), edit footage of different band members into a youtube video. Other things I can do (but am not amazing at) are guitar, piano, vox. :)
  16. Thanks :) I have many different piano patches and will soon have more so you can certainly pick and choose the sound you're after. When recording midi, it's generally best not to monitor direct (i.e. listen to the computer playing the sounds) as it can have extraordinary latency as you've experienced. Unless you're after a sound that the computer is producing which can't be done with your keyboard, then it's always best to listen to the keyboard's audio, that way the performance won't be hampered by your brain thinking 50ms ahead. :) Most keyboards can connect via midi through a standard
  17. Hi Kacey, Logic is one of the prime competitors to Pro Tools for its comparative ease of use (believe me) and low price point. At the moment it's $200AUD on the App store. However, it IS mac only - there is no cross-compatability to be found whatsoever. (Since you're using Garageband, that shouldn't pose a problem.) Learning a DAW (digital audio workstation) is a dedication, and in the words of Hans Zimmer, like learning an instrument unto itself. Unfortunately, it isn't a matter of just "I get this software, my recordings sound better!" If it were that simple I'd be an engineer long ago
  18. Wow. If my original sounded like that, I would quit my day job. :)
  19. haha it certainly is :P yeah been working a lot, saving cash to get some music stuffs :)

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