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  1. Since no one seems to have mentioned it yet - the presenters at the end mentioned that the highlights would be uploaded onto their channel the next day, so look out for that!
  2. times i have cried during this coldplay show: three also, BUTTERFLIES
  3. I'm pretty sure that video mixer is new! considering how long it took him to show the stage at the start of the show! Missed the whole entrance!
  4. VIOLET HILL! That was unexpected! Edit: Hey, turns out my singing voice has improved...or maybe that's the tiredeness talking, but I'm suddenly glad no one can hear me :D
  5. Coldplay rocking it like they're just as young as when they began...!
  6. Heheheh :D I also love the freezer idea! Never thought of that....
  7. I am fascinated by this idea. Do it! Don't think "I'm okay with it sounding crappy", think "I'm gonna do the best I can with what I've got!" :D The round is won or lost long before you step into the ring! Disclaimer: I am an enthusiast, not a professional. :) They're likely to be dynamic microphones as condensers usually require phantom power, which is 48V, and USB's are 5V if I'm not mistaken. If there's a battery in the microphone it might be a condenser. The difference is really in how it accepts the sound and what you use it for. Dynamic mics are often used on drum kits as they ha
  8. Best way to learn is play with the track in one ear. That way you can clearly tell which bits need improvement :) Play each hand seperately, listening to the original, and making sure you've got it 100% on spot. Then and only then try playing them together. Be patient with your progress if you intend to see progress. (My piano teacher always reminds me of this, but I am too quick to play with both hands - and when I am disappointed with the results, she smiles knowingly!) Lovin' those LED's! EDIT: Oh, and one more thing! Forget the notes to start off with. Get the rhythm and timing by
  9. Thank you very much Blake :) At the moment I'm thinking simple will be better, too!
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