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  1. Here is the full interview : http://www.nrj.fr/artistes/coldplay/actus/chris-martin-ses-reves-la-france-et-son-concert-a-nice-338328
  2. Yeah merci svenky, je le savais pas !
  3. Ah oui c'est vraiment hors de prix.... Le mieux c'est d'attendre peu de temps avant le concert, où des gens plus honnêtes chercheront à tout prix à vendre leurs billets pour ne pas les perdre : risqué mais bon, mettre 500$ c'est de la folie !
  4. En espérant que ça revienne avec Nice :D Pour les places, faut tenter les pages évènement, ça se revend pas mal en ce moment, les prix bah c'est les prix --' ( mais ça reste abordable ) Sinon si vous aimez pas et que vous avez peu confiance, vous avez Sitewave qui est le revendeur officiel de TicketMaster, sécurisé mais légèrement plus cher
  5. Seems that someone has found a better quality of the setlist ( however, Moses is replaced by 42 ). The setlist in itself is well written and some parts reminds me of what was done during the last concerts, and it looks like the real ones they use, but there are too many rare songs, and what about Every Teardrop, or Army Of One which were soundckeched ? And we can see that it comes from a PDF file, hum...
  6. We tried to decipher this one with some friends from ColdplayFrance Team, and there are really strange things such as : Well, this setlist seems to be true by the way it's written, but in fact there could be too many rare songs to be played xD
  7. Really great job Coeurli ! For this question, I can help you : Host: So how about French music, the French touch as we say, what do you think? J: Yah we love those bands. And for Coldplay we were listening to a lot of their records at the beginning. And then you know, Daft Punk, Justice, there's a lot of great records! Jonny's talking about the band Air, so I think that what's missing is this : J: Yah we love those bands. We have... Air was a massive influence for us, we were listening to a lot of their records at the beginning of Coldplay. And then you know, Daft Punk, Justice,
  8. We've talked with some guys from Virgin Radio, they told us that this interview was recorded before the Salle Wagram Show, Chris had to do this interview with Jonny, but he had to cancel because of a backache and preferred to rest in order to be ready for the show and not to cancel it...
  9. Well... wow... that's absolutely mind-blowing ! This interview is just perfect, a kind of "Coldplayer-friendly" Q&A, the one that we've all waited for ! Maybe because this interview was conducted skillfully ( I know that's your first one, but that took nothing away from its quality ), and those questions were interesting ( thanks to all those who contributed here ) and the answers unexpected ( How to ask trick questions ? by Batman ). Hope you'll never forget this experience :) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  10. I'm using Safari and there's no problem. What does it show ?
  11. That's strange, because it works for me. Did you try with another web browser ?
  12. Still looking for a streaming link ? http://www.live-stream.tv/online/fernsehen/deutsch/pro7.html They talked about Coldplay a few minutes ago but I don't understand German --'
  13. Hey ! I'm one of the owners of ColdplayFrance, and I think I shoud explain you where this news comes from. With some friends we went to the Bakery in June and we met Phil Harvey amongst others. When we talked about the latest gig in the Casino de Paris, Phil Harvey told us that il was really great and that the band would come in France before the end of the year. It's not sure what they will do a gig, he said that they would come. However, I don't think that Phil lied about that, or it would be very strange... So we can't confirm that it will happen, but it would be remarkable if it did
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