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  1. Anothers arms reminds me a bit of some of those viva era demos that were leaked on the internet a while back. The piano is very reminiscent of those songs. I do like the song, especially the female voice. I dont mind cheesy lyrics in general but the repetition does annoy me and that seems to be a theme with most of the songs weve heard thus far...
  2. FJK_12

    Atlas video

    wow...what a video!
  3. This version sounds different to the first leak. When jonnnys guitar kicks in there is another noise over the top like a xylophone type thing. Pretty sure this is the case or it could be different headphones I'm using but still.
  4. Surely Atlas will be played on the radio on the morning of the 6th so we will be able to listen to it then?
  5. best news I've heard in a while! Hope this is the start of the lp6 era, but why does august 26th have to be so far away! I wonder if this is the new song gwyneth paltrow said was one of her fav tracks a while back
  6. If I have learned anything with following coldplays releases over the years, it is that things are always different than expected and to not listen too seriously to what the boys say i.e. releases dates. Saying its not far away could still ned up being summer 2014
  7. I think we need more rock coldplay.
  8. Also someone needs to find where we can buy that jacket!
  9. I see so far i'm the only one who has selected PoC - so much hate for this song =P
  10. MX/Hurts Like Heaven Paradise Charlie Brown Every Teardrop PoC
  11. http://www.topfashionshow.com/european-style-green-short-jacket-trench-stickup-outerwear_p2616.html This is about as close to the real jacket as i've found so far, i've been looking for ages! There are quite a few other similar jackets on there as well.
  12. omg to the max BUT WHY NO SPEED OF SOUND OR WARNING SIGN!!!!!!
  13. Two door cinema club - Beacon, Muse -The 2nd law :D
  14. I remember the first listen of ETIAW live on radio the most - it was the most amazing feeling ever hearing it, words can't describe how I felt. I remember they played it twice in a row, I then listened to it on repeat probably about 30 times in one day haha. Still one of my favourite songs from this era :)
  15. Its great to hear that there will be an LP6! However, I thoroughly believe that they won't go back to their roots and they will progress forwards as they have done with the last 2 albums. Personally I would love to have a more rock orientated record, with more guitars!
  16. Finally framed! Sorry to bump such an old thread, but I finally got my AROBTTH lithograph framed! The pics aren't the greatest quality but here they are: I'll upload higher quality pics if you want :)
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