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  1. And I've heard hasitleaked is a pretty nifty resource for certain unreleased albums too
  2. In my original post I meant AOAL, AHFOD, and birds were great songs, but I think birds is the best of them. Apart from that most other songs are meh
  3. Definitely a good idea man- and btw if you have bought the album I see no wrong with listening to a leak at all.
  4. Drum pads worked a dream in Magic, but apart from that I wish they would go
  5. Im tired and just about ok, but I did put Birds up there with those, I just checked :)
  6. Birds - 7.5/10 AOAL - 7.5/10 Up&Up - 7.5/10 AHFOD - 7.5/10 Amazing Day - 7/10 Kaleidoscope - 6.5/10 Everglow - 5.5/10 Fun - 5/10 Army of One - 5/10 CS - 3/10 HFTW - 3/10 XMTS - 1/10
  7. ah sorry man, Im really tired so I might not be making much sense! Just get your arse off the review thread until you can enjoy it yourself :)
  8. So so true man - Im not an 'oldplayer' myself as such too, I enjoy some of the newer output, but deep down it hurts to hear some of these new songs
  9. Well a lot of peoples opinions are skewed on first listen simply because they are so excited for new music, then when the songs start to settle people realise how good they actually are. Moreover these songs don't have much depth so after a couple of listens there isn't much more to learn from them But stay away from here if you don't want your opinion to be shaped too much before you listen :)
  10. Well I felt hyped as usual :P It was things like Chris saying he was done with making songs sounding too clean/perfect, people saying Up&Up and AHFOD were incredible, and articles about how uplifting the album is (which it really isn't)
  11. haha sorry, Im not in a pleasant mood after all the hype for this album!
  12. This review is so so spot on. I was exactly the same, I didn't even want to listen through a second time. Birds is fucking great, but apart from that no proper outstanding songs.
  13. haha people will criticise me for saying it and call me an 'old player', but seriously, anyone could tell the production on this album is crap. Go and listen to Viva and its like a breath of fresh air having songs that feel and sound natural and clean.
  14. Fantastic song, the best on the album by far!
  15. The great: AOAL (Awesome), AHFOD, Birds The good: Amazing Day, Up&Up, Kaleidoscope The bad: Fun, Army of One, Everglow The ugly: HFTW, Colour Spectrum, XMTS Really not feeling this one :( There are some great tracks, but even those don't come near any of Coldplay's previous great work. The album is really done a disservice with Stargate's production which really bugs me, I can't believe Will and Guy settled for this awful production, it means songs like Up&Up fall slightly flat - and please for the love of god stop with the fucking fake drums!!! It is very telling that
  16. It must be surely. If coldplay's management finds out they will not be happy at all. I wonder if they would get in contact with the store and try to get the perpetrator fired
  17. The guy looks like a muse fan from his instagram pic, and having been around for the Drones leak, he probably appreciates the demand for someone to upload it. Seriously, I don't remember an album leak as sought after than the new muse album a few months ago, it was bonkers, the album leak chat had hundreds of people
  18. Maybe someone could find out which walmart the CDs were bought from, and then head down to grab a copy?
  19. I've come to accept that Coldplay's music videos don't hold a massively high standard, but at least this one is 'fun'. I think it is quite funny when the chimps start poking the instruments and are not sure what to do with them! There is usually at least one decent music video for the past couple of eras, maybe this one will be HFTW
  20. [video=youtube;r5ldYvrrdgY] Came across this beauty - the song really shines without the dodgy production on X&Y )even though it was still great on the album!) Hopefully we get some more X&Y on the 2016 tour - Im hoping they play Swallowed in the Sea, that song is criminally underrated, I get so nostalgic listening to it
  21. FJK_12


    Yes! I got a bit of that too actually haha!
  22. You hit the nail on the head with point 1 :( Im seriously wondering why this is the case, c'mon Coldplay you are better than this!
  23. Lets wait until the album until we can denounce that Coldplay have lost their ability to write amazing songs, but I have to agree with you on Everglow as a song.
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