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  1. Underrated Song So many to pick from - Death and all his Friends/Swallowed in the Sea/Rainy Day to name a few, but if I had to go for one it would be Trouble. Never hear much love for it, which I can't understand as the piano riff is an iconic Coldplay sound for me, and it is an overall stunning song imo. Overrated Song Clocks - still a fantastic, iconic song, yet one which Im not that excited to listen to. Underrated Album Parachutes for me. Some gems like Shiver, Sparks, Trouble, ENL/Life is for living. The album is the perfect length and flows really well too, maybe because i
  2. Id like something a little like Reflektor by Arcade fire - quite funky and relies on the groove of a song to hold the listeners attention. Or anything experimental I would be happy with. No more electronic drums/clapping and woo oos from chris please haha
  3. Random thought: If LP7 sounds anything like Miracles I will officially be disappointed. Not trying to be a hater but Miracles is not even halfway near their best work/what Coldplay can do.
  4. Sounds like a nice song although Coldplay can do much better. I was hoping for something a bit more experimental like viva. It Sounds a bit cliched/unoriginal to me.
  5. [video=youtube;6q943WE8H-E] Does anyone remember this? I wish we could one day hear a version with lyrics. Such a great song
  6. A Head Full Of Dreams sounds like it would be an album full of dream like, ambient songs, similar to ghost stories. Although chris said it sounds different to those songs
  7. Oh my word can't believe they've announced the title so unexpectedly! I quite like the title too - certainly beats 'Random Acts' in my eyes!
  8. I did have my doubts about the song in the ad, it sounded like a nice song, but the oracle said Miracles was not upbeat and the song in the as was too christmassy for the end of a film like unbroken. Oh well, now I want to know what that song was!
  9. I don't really believe what this user is saying, I think he/she is just trying to wind us up. The fact that Random Acts was a rumoured title even for LP6 massively reduces the credibility of this story (sounds like a rubbish title as well). The user has said they've seen a track list for the album yet hasn't said what any of the song names are, apart from repeating a few old titles we know. Plus its quite easy to make up some lyrics that are inspired by old ones. Personally I wouldn't believe what this person is saying and I doubt we will see LP7 until 2016 at least. Sorry to sound so
  10. Someone on the Coldplay reddit has pointed out that Random Acts was a rumoured title in the LP6 era, not just for LP7
  11. Im so glad they've gone down this route for the video. The more serious, big budget overblown videos never have any character and no element of fun in them. Can't wait for this video!
  12. Wow you could really feel the emotion in that clip of oceans
  13. The Scientist is the best song they've ever recorded. O is great, but the scientist blows it out of the water
  14. Articles like this really annoy me. Why cant' for once critics actually praise coldplay for their own sound without having to put them down at least a little bit
  15. 1. Always In My Head 2. Magic 3. Ink 4. True Love 5. Midnight 6. O (Part 2/Reprise) 7. Ghost Story 8. All Your Friends 9. Another's Arms 10. Oceans 11. A Sky Full of Stars 12. Atlas 13. O I think O part 2 works well after midnight.
  16. FJK_12

    Ghost Story

    This song has the AROBTTH era all over it, I cant get over how similar it is to those songs!
  17. Magic Always in my Head O Oceans Another Arms Midnight A Sky Full of Stars
  18. I do like the song - I think the vocals are really powerful and thats what sets it apart from a generic club song really. However i do think that people that labelled this song as coldplays best ever song before it came out hyped it up way too much.
  19. I gave in and listened, I really tried not to (all of about 5 minutes i could hold it :P), and for some reason it didnt do much for me :( Maybe its the bad recording but sounds like a generic club/pop song
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