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  1. Saw the movie last night with my friends. They left when it finished, but I stayed a bit longer after the movie, to listen to the song... Gret movie as well! :-)
  2. It's not available to listen in my location... :/
  3. I hope Mr Gervais will com on stage and sing with coldplay on Lost or something, take JAy Z part or something hahaa :D
  4. Wow, very excited! Hope you all get some tickets! :-)
  5. You translated it perfectly, Tash! :-) And I really hope Chris will feature on an Avicii album/track, and not the other way around.
  6. Wow, how could I have missed this? It's a swedish paper which I read every day... Still, great photo. Do you want me to translate the text from the link? Even though there isn't anything we don't know already! :-)
  7. Ordered the Viva La Vida case for my iPhone 5. soon enough I'll order them all :)
  8. is that thing about Noel a new or old thing? I don't think I've heard this. What did he say?
  9. There's a wild wind blowing The storm Simone has reached Sweden...
  10. Congrats! Well deserved! I'm very excited to hear this live, even though only Chris will perform it. Would like to see and hear all four of them :)
  11. Sooooo happy! What would we do without Ibra and Källström? :D
  12. I'm reaaaally nervous about the Sweden game... It's going to be a hard one!
  13. I would love a song like Chinese Sleep Chant, with an epic solo. Love that song.
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