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  1. I'm turning 19 tomorrow and he's turning 38. pretty cool, haha.
  2. Just watched the 3rd episode, I'm really loving it, the story is really exciting so far, and Bob Odenkirk is fantastic. another week's wait then!
  3. I'm watching! Loving it so far, very excited about the next episode.
  4. What are they up to now? Working on new material? :-)
  5. Hela sommaren skyndade vi oss bara Så kom över bara ha tålamod och oroa dig inte Now I'm floating so high I blossom and die
  6. he's very creative isn't he. Good day to you! :lol:
  7. i would love to have (buy) some buttons. I keep emailing Love Button website but they never answer. So please, PM me if you have some spare buttons :-)
  8. I absolutely love it. Worth the wait. I really hope they'll play it live tonight! :-)
  9. Jennifer's nude pictures just leaked and is going viral atm.
  10. This track is amazing. Totally in love, such a brilliant song.
  11. PM me as well... ;-)
  12. Just heard it as well, the video is removed though. I don't usually listen to "leaks", since Chris asked them not to record it, but I had to . It's worth the wait though, it's really good. Call it true, call it truuuuuuue love. I only heard like 1.30 minutes though. Sounds amazing.
  13. I'm a bit confused. Is the "flock of birds" song O or Fly on? I can't remember what he said in the interview.
  14. this might be the best thread ever hahaha :laugh3:
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