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  1. LP7- "A Head Full Of Dreams" (DEC 4TH - Tracklisting in first post) Do we actually know what part Noel and Beyonce have on A Head Full of Dreams? Obviously Tove Lo sings, simply due to the fact it says "feat Tove Lo" on the tracklist. But no song has "feat Beyonce/Noel". Could Beyonce just be a background songer or producer? And what about Noel? Still, very excited to find out.
  2. AHFOD Music Chart / Sales STATS & FACTS Thread Sweden iTunes: A Head Full of Dreams #1 Adventure of a Lifetime #2, just behind Adele.
  3. Here's one! :-) http://www.watchallchannels.com/channel-4-html/ ...and another one! (choose Stream 2) http://livetvcafe.net/video/H8UK61U9HKDH/Channel-4
  4. It's only an audio only stream, or? I know BBC sometimes stream video as well.
  5. I literally can't wait anymore. Finally, my life has meaning again. And once again, it's all because of Coldplay. I'm beyond excited. I'm wondering what they could possibly tease us with today, though?
  6. I'm beyond excited now, loved that little preview. REAL DRUMS.
  7. LP7- "A Head Full Of Dreams" I think everything in that GIF represents all the songs on the album. Or maybe this isn't even the artwork. For example, "Man on The Moon", "Air Balloon" or something like that. "Parrottdies".
  8. He's so happy. That makes me so happy [emoji2]
  9. relliable? I would think so. Either way this is pretty exciting and MASSIVE news. :)
  10. From The Sun "EVERY year the Glastonbury headliners guessing game starts earlier and earlier. But I can now tick off another of the three main acts for Worthy Farm next year — COLDPLAY. And they will make history in the process. The band, led by CHRIS MARTIN, will headline at the festival for a record FOURTH time after previously turning out in 2002, 2005 and 2011. They now lead VAN MORRISON, THE CURE and ELVIS COSTELLO who each boast three headline appearances. ARCTIC MONKEYS, BLUR, OASIS and DAVID BOWIE have two apiece. Coldplay will bring the 2016 Glasto weekend to a close wi
  11. Someone must've heard the song by now though, surely? :inquisitive:
  12. Where's the tweet saying it's upbeat? Must've missed that one!
  13. it was a pleasure, thank you very much for having me! :-)
  14. A A: Honey you should know, that I could never go on without you. B: The sky could be blue, I don't mind, without you it's a waste of time.
  15. This is the best song they've released in quite a while. I'm literally in love with this song.
  16. Can't wait. I've loved every song released so far. The Way It's Always Been is my favorite so far.
  17. obviously for Red Nose Day! except Still Going Strong and Closer to Home? I don't even know anymore... :P
  18. I've loved every single so far, and Lonely Town is the best song I've heard in quite a while! Very, very excited about the album! :-)
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