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  1. Any stream? Can't find any and the ones you've already posted doesn't work.
  2. "I know it's over, before she says Know someone else is taking your place I know it's over, Icarus says To the sun"
  3. Felt the same, bet he mentions that "love is a drug", so i felt better knowing he's high on love.
  4. Saw them at Parken in 2012, and seeing them at both the shows in 2016! Can't wait!
  5. LP7- "A Head Full Of Dreams" I don't really know what you all expected. Yellow PT2? I know everyone has different taste but, jfc. I love it and I can't wait for the album.
  6. Well, I just woke up so I missed it, but I take it as I didn't miss anything?
  7. I still don't understand the poem-thing. Is it Chris singing it, or just some random guy telling it? Very confusing.
  8. I actually can't get over how good the Amazing Day performance was. Incredible.
  9. You're the best, thanks a lot! The Amazing Day performance was flawless.
  10. ... taken from this italian interview. http://www.repubblica.it/spettacoli/musica/2015/11/06/news/coldplay-126800071/?ref=HREC1-45
  11. Some, in my opinion, good quotes from yesterday. [ATTACH]32831[/ATTACH][ATTACH]32830[/ATTACH]
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