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  1. quiet you! :lol: We need it now!
  2. But how can the tickets be sold out so quickly? Do you stay on the website and refresh as soon the clock strikes 10 (or whatever)? I really need a ticket to this one! :-)
  3. Ziyi Zhang is gorgeous! Looking forward to the colour-video! :-)
  4. Congrats! I guessed 16. Annoying... :laugh3:
  5. I'm so sad as well. I hope this doesn't affect the band in a bad way :/
  6. Can someone answer this though... Rik Simpsons uploaded a clip from inside their hotell room. Does any of the songs sound like that?
  7. I'm really happy that all of the songs from GS can be played live, unlike MX for exemple. But I'm still a bit confused (just woke up). Was this concert taking place after a video shoot for one of the songs, or was the whole concert a video shoot (For the movie/DVD)? :-)
  8. oh crap, too slow... Congrats! :-)
  9. awesome! is this a 1 question per day competition? :-)
  10. Well, the lyrics isn't on a Fix You level, but I sure do love this song!
  11. I like the name, It's simple. The artwork is simple as well, and looks beautiful!
  12. I LOVE IT! Well don, Coldplay! Amazing song.
  13. amazing to share birthday with my hero. Happy birthday legend!
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